What kind of exercise is not easy to grow muscles

Exercise can not only strengthen the body, but also have many functions of shaping and beautifying the body. But many female friends still like the soft and beautiful figure and hope not to grow too obvious muscles. So what kind of exercise is not easy to grow muscles?

1. Jogging

Proper aerobic exercise is likely to achieve the goal of weight loss. Therefore, for many girls, if they want to lose weight, they may as well try jogging, jogging for half an hour every morning. At the same time, it should be noted that the warm-up actions before jogging must also be done in place. In this way, the effect of jogging will be particularly obvious. They can adhere to it twice a day. Only in this way can the face lose weight effectively.

2. Swimming

For some girls who love beauty, if they want to lose weight without growing muscles through exercise, swimming is definitely a good choice, because swimming is a full-body exercise, so it can shape women’s bodies, not only achieve the goal of losing weight, but also make our bodies more perfect. Therefore, for some beautiful women, You might as well sign up for a swimming class or make swimming your hobby.

3. Choose sports with low intensity

If girls want to lose excess fat, in addition to reasonable diet control and cultivation of good living habits, it is the most effective and beneficial way to participate in more sports and outdoor exercise. However, when choosing exercise methods, try to choose items with low exercise intensity, such as aerobics, so that girls can consume a certain amount of energy without increasing some muscles due to excessive intensity training.

4. Choose a long-distance sports event

Long distance does not necessarily mean lack of concentration and effort. As long as you maintain a balanced speed and stable breathing, long-distance exercise will become a very good aerobic exercise. For example, slow and long-distance running can make the whole body metabolize and exchange, effectively reduce fat, and it is consumed in a balanced way in long-distance exercise, without stimulating muscles. It is a good exercise method.

If you want to exercise well and have a slim posture, it is not good to be eager for quick success and instant benefit, but it will backfire. The best way is to arrange a fixed period of time for exercise every day. The exercise time should not be too long, preferably about 20-40 minutes, so that it is not easy to increase the muscle burden.

Relax before and after exercise. When I was a student, I usually did some relaxation exercises at the beginning of physical education classes, but later we gradually ignored them. In fact, the most relaxing exercise is very important. Relaxation exercise before exercise can help move joints, and relaxation exercise after exercise can help relax muscles, so as to achieve a better shaping effect.

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