Excessive use of whitening products is easy to grow spots, and excessive use of whitening products is easy to grow spots

Women will have a series of skin problems due to some bad habits, poor mood, age and other reasons. In addition, when the endocrine is dysfunctional, which makes the blood flow in the body blocked, freckles will also grow on the face, which will cause great damage to the skin and seriously affect the beauty. If we know the cause of freckles on our face, we can prevent and avoid freckles.

So, how is the long spot on the face formed?

First, do not pay attention to sunscreen

The ultraviolet rays of the sun do great harm to the skin, so if you don’t pay attention to using sunscreen every day, there will be various spots growing, because when the skin is damaged by strong ultraviolet rays, it will not only directly burn the surface cells of the skin, but also lead to a large amount of melanin precipitation. Over time, it will form spots, so it must be remembered that when you go out or travel, you must do a good job in sunscreen, Only in this way can we protect our skin.

Second, I like to wear some heavy makeup

In fact, many cosmetics contain chemical components of heavy metals, especially some women who like to wear heavy make-up every day. These cosmetics may contain chemical heavy metals such as lead, which are applied to the face for a long time and then absorbed by the skin, which will not only precipitate melanin on the skin, but also be harmful to the body. Therefore, the use of make-up is also the most critical factor to produce pigmentation. Some girls who like to wear heavy make-up must pay attention to it..

Third, excessive use of whitening products

We all know that skin whitening can make ordinary faces more beautiful, but we must know that if we whiten our skin too much in daily life, it may backfire, because whitening products will destroy the cuticle of the skin, make the skin more dry, and even make the skin feel abnormally allergic, resulting in more melanin precipitation on the face, The skin also promotes the formation of pigmentation.

Fourth, often eat colored food

The formation of spots on the face is sometimes related to our diet. In particular, some foods containing pigment, such as carbonated drinks and barbecues, will deposit melanin in our bodies, thus stimulating the growth of body cells. This will not only increase the burden on the internal organs of the body, but also be bad for the skin. For a long time, some spots will be formed on the face.

Fifth, facing computers for a long time

We know that computers have radiation on the skin, which will not only harm the health of the body, but also stimulate facial spots

Sixth, people who don’t like sports will also have spots

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It also has the functions of respiration and cell excretion. If you don’t exercise regularly, you will not only damage your health, but also become a real yellow faced woman. Exercise is the key to nursing, because it will accelerate the metabolism of the skin and expel a large amount of toxins from the body after exercise, so it is necessary to exercise, which will expel toxins and reduce the chance of long spots.

In a word, the long spots on the face are caused by some bad living habits. Therefore, we must pay attention to it in daily life. When we go out or work against the computer, we should pay attention to applying sunscreen, minimize heavy makeup and whitening products, do more exercise, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink more water, so as to avoid the formation of spots.

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