Music effectively treats sub-health symptoms

The World Health Organization defines the treatment of sub-health as: “health is a perfect state of body, spirit and communication, not just physical disease.”

According to this definition, researchers found through investigation that less than 2 / 3 of the general population are really sick and completely healthy, and more than 1 / 3 of the population is in the “third state”, that is, subhealth. It refers to that there is still a transitional intermediate state between health and disease. By regulating the “third state”, we can prevent diseases before they occur.

The core of the “third state” of the body lies in the loss of mental and psychological balance. All kinds of internal and external reasons will cause psychological stress. Stress affects the neurohumoral regulation and endocrine regulation of the human body. It starts to appear in the form of sub-health, and to a certain extent, it will appear in the form of physical disease.

Music can affect emotions and often enter the deep brain. It is one of the best means to regulate mental and psychological states, and can effectively promote recovery and improve the quality of life. In this era of advocating green and healthy life and work, music therapy regulates the physiological and psychological state of sub-health people with its outstanding emotional and spiritual effects, association effects and psychosomatic effects.

Music’s treatment innovation for sub-health has long been applied to health care, disease treatment and rehabilitation. At present, we are organizing relevant expert research teams to develop a series of health music for sub-health conditioning, such as insomnia conditioning music, chronic fatigue conditioning music, health background music, etc., and developing supporting system conditioning modes. We believe that this beautiful and elegant means of health conditioning will be provided for sub-health people in the near future.

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