The benefits of walking every day are beyond imagination

The Tokyo Marathon has triggered an unprecedented running tide in Japan, and the number of people who start running with the idea of “I want to run and watch” has soared. Having been engaged in running teaching for nearly 20 years, I have also accepted many invitations from magazines and event organizers to provide guidance for ordinary runners.

Recently, walking is more popular than running. Compared with the high threshold of running, walking is easy for anyone, so it is favored by the elderly and people who do not like sports.

In fact, there is a big difference in the burden on the body caused by walking and running. When running, the impact force borne at the moment of landing is equivalent to 3-4 times of body weight, but when walking, the impact force borne at the moment of landing is about the same as body weight. If you adjust the speed reasonably, you will not be out of breath when walking. In terms of convenience, walking can be carried out whenever and wherever, and has become a national sport.

As a representative of aerobic exercise, walking brings less burden to the body, is more convenient to implement, and is easy to form habits, so it is most suitable for keeping healthy. Here are its effects:

① Improve cardiopulmonary function;

② Can help to shape;

③ Increase basal metabolism through muscle strength;

④ Alleviate fear of cold and shoulder stiffness;

⑤ Strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis;

⑥ Make life more active;

⑦ Eliminate fatigue;

⑧ The mood becomes positive and optimistic;

⑨ Immunity has been enhanced and it is not easy to get sick;

⑩ Balanced diet, no longer picky;

(11) improve sleep.

What about? Have you realized that as long as you keep walking and exercising, you can get health, beauty and inner happiness.

Why does it sound all good? This is because walking is an aerobic exercise that uses muscles all over the body. Needless to say, legs and arms, because the muscles of the whole body are used, the body is stretched in a balanced manner, and can shape a beautiful body. With the increase of muscle mass, the basic metabolic capacity will increase, and then it will become a constitution that does not eat a lot and does not gain weight, which is most suitable for weight loss.

In addition, walking can increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis because it will exert pressure on bones when landing.

Moreover, since walking requires more oxygen, the functions of the heart, lungs and blood vessels will be fully mobilized, so as to improve blood circulation, stimulate brain activity and make the brain clearer. In fact, when I think about some new plans at work, I prefer to go outside and think while walking rather than sitting at my desk in a daze. Walking can refresh your mood and come up with better ideas.

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