8 methods of acne removing + acne removing printing? 8 ways to remove acne + acne marks

August 23rd is the romantic Qixi festival for Valentine’s dating! The date is coming soon. How can you eliminate the acne marks on your face? Mm, don’t be sad. Today Xiaobian will recommend the most effective way to remove acne and acne marks for you, help you relieve the trouble of going to an appointment on Qixi, restore your white and smooth skin, and have a romantic and happy Qixi Festival!

What if I have acne on my face? Teach you 8 ways to eliminate acne, so that you can have a smooth face.

Method 1: apply honey to remove acne

Acne elimination index: ★★★★

※ honey is a relatively mild beauty ingredient. It is not only mild in nature, rich in nutrition, but also has an antibacterial effect. Among bee products, propolis has the strongest antibacterial effect. Although the antibacterial effect of honey is not very strong, it is beneficial and harmless to acne skin and ordinary skin.

◆ it is mainly used for tender skin and sensitive skin.

Method 2: apply carrot facial mask

Acne elimination index: ★★★★

※ carrots are rich in carotene, which can be absorbed by the human body and converted into vitamin A. vitamin A is one of the more effective ingredients for acne treatment at present.

Method 3: dewdrop disinfectant

Acne elimination index: ★★★

※ dew disinfectant can completely kill fungi and bacteria. It has a certain effect on eliminating acne bacilli. Putting a small amount of dewdrop disinfectant into the bath water can also prevent and treat acne on the front chest and back.

◆ disinfectant is irritating and will harm young and tender facial skin. When taking a bath, you should also control the amount to avoid skin discomfort.

Method 4: wash your face with rice washing water

Acne elimination index: ★★★★

※ in addition to anti allergy vitamin B1 and antioxidant vegetable acid, rice washing water also contains skin moisturizing factor, which can prevent skin from being hurt and stimulated by external environment, and make skin healthy and defensible.

◆ suitable for fragile and sensitive skin.

Acne removing method 5: apply toilet water locally to treat acne

Acne elimination index: ★★★★

※ the components of the toilet water contain some traditional Chinese medicine that can clear away heat, detoxify, reduce swelling and pain, so the toilet water can not only dispel prickly heat, stop itching, refresh the mind, prevent mosquitoes from biting, but also have certain bactericidal and bactericidal effects.

Method 6: exercise and sweat to treat acne

Acne elimination index: ★★★★

※ sweat during exercise can help the skin detoxify, and sweat can bring out dirt in pores. Moreover, exercise can relieve mental stress, inhibit the excessive androgen level, and relieve excessive oil production from the skin. It is absolutely good for the treatment of acne.

Acne removing method 7: Aloe and cucumber facial mask

Acne elimination index: ★★★★

※ aloe vera and cucumber have anti-inflammatory effects. The vegetable market buys fresh aloe vera, cuts it into small pieces and applies it to the affected part. The cucumber is peeled and pressed into juice, washed and smeared on the face, and then rinsed off after about 30 minutes. You can also drink cucumber juice with honey, which is also very effective!

Acne removing method 8: ice convergence water

Acne elimination index: ★★★★

※ whether you wash your face with warm water or cold water, after washing the soap on your face, put a basin of clean water with ice cubes in it, and rinse your face repeatedly with ice water. It is also very useful to restrain and calm your skin.

After getting rid of acne, Xiaobian will teach you seven more tips to get rid of acne marks, so that acne muscles can get through the difficulties perfectly!

Tips for removing acne marks: pearl powder yogurt

How to do it: take a little of the leftover yogurt and mix it with a small amount of pearl powder. Then apply it on the place with acne marks, and you can directly spend the night and wash it off the next day..

Efficacy: persist in using it for a week, and it can effectively remove the acne marks and scars on the face.

Effective index for removing acne marks: ★★★☆

Tips for removing acne marks 2: banana and olive acne mark removing facial mask

How to do it: take a banana, mash and peel the banana, add half a spoonful of olive oil, and then put it into a bowl together. After mixing, apply it on your face and wait for 10 minutes before washing it off. It can be done 2-3 times a week.

Efficacy: olive oil can moisturize dry skin, help skin recover smoothness, while banana has the effect of keeping skin tight and restoring elasticity, and also has a good effect on preventing acne and removing acne marks.

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