Eight misunderstandings common to ordinary people in removing acne eight misunderstandings common to ordinary people in removing acne

First, talk about the misunderstanding and harm of fast acne removal

Myth 1: often use Scrub

Correct practice: scrub cream focuses on cleaning T-zone, and uses nutrient moisturizing facial mask to gently promote metabolism.

Exfoliating scrub products can irritate the skin too much and even damage the skin. There is also a tearing facial mask that should not be used at this time, because it will tear the inflamed area of acne.

Myth 2: apply facial mask every day

Correct practice: apply once or twice a week. In winter, it is best to use a moisturizing facial mask with pure ingredients.

The facial mask is not the panacea for the invention of tender skin. Besides, if you apply it too frequently, it will soothe the face and make it fragile. Each time, it should not be too long, about 15-20 minutes. Don’t wait until the whole facial mask is dry before taking it off, otherwise the moisture will evaporate, and it will not moisturize at all. After that, you should remember to apply lotion or cream to lock up the moisture, and moisturizing will be considered a success.

Myth 3: when adult acne breaks out on your face, you dare not apply anything to avoid irritating your skin.

Correct method: select appropriate acne products, which can control acne and replenish water

If you have ever irritated your skin due to the use of skin care products, then you must have chosen the wrong products that only focus on drying the acne water. In the end, the parts without acne will be very dry, and the skin will become oily outside and dry inside, and become sensitive. In fact, in addition to controlling oil and eliminating redness and swelling, the skin with acne also needs to be moisturized, especially the skin in the U-shaped part. Therefore, in nursing, acne products that can not only purify and control acne, improve redness and swelling, but also supplement water should be selected.

At the same time, the makeup on the acne area must be handled carefully. Don’t apply foundation make-up repeatedly. Choose special products suitable for acne. For red and swollen acne like fever, we should only pay attention to nursing and avoid makeup. But for minor symptoms of acne, you can use cosmetics to cover it skillfully. When making up, you can use powder for acne skin. Because it is specially designed for acne skin, it can be used with ease.

Myth 4: use essence

If your skin has more than two pimples at the same time, you must stop using essence products. Because there are bacteria around the acne, if you apply essence products, these nutrients tend to accelerate the growth of bacteria, which is very harmful to the acne skin, so don’t use essence after you have acne.

Myth 5: squeeze by hand

Everyone should know the harm of squeezing acne by hand. It will not only increase the time for acne to subside, but also leave ugly acne marks. But acne, especially those on the face of Pulsatilla, is really too ugly. What should we do? You can go to a sauna, use high temperature to break the acne naturally, and then apply some lavender compound essential oil, which is not only effective in removing acne, but also won’t leave acne marks.

Myth 6: staying up late

Girls with acne muscles must not stay up late. If you can’t go to bed and get up early every day to give your body a good chance to detoxify, those toxins will be reflected on your face and a large number of acne will emerge. The best rest time for acne muscles should be to go to bed at 10 p.m., which is the time for liver detoxification. You must not miss it.

Myth 7: long term use of anti acne products

Many acne girls will use a lot of acne removing products and take long-term skin care after getting acne. In fact, most acne removing products contain hormones, which can accelerate the disappearance of acne, but it is based on stimulating the skin. If you stop using them, acne will grow again. Therefore, acne muscle should trace its origin, starting from the endocrine and work and rest rules.

Myth 8: change bed sheets and pillow cases irregularly

There will be many bacteria and mites on our bedsheets and pillowcases. These dirty things left on your skin will gradually turn into acne and make your skin more and more oily. Therefore, it is necessary to change bedsheets and pillowcases regularly, otherwise no matter how good skin care products are, they will not protect your skin.

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