Girls get together to show their boyfriends. It’s harder to learn well than to marry well

college dorm Girls Party to show boyfriends

A female student in the second year of Graduate School of Nanjing University, after having a party with the female students in the same dorm of the University, had a lot of feelings, so she posted a post with feelings. According to the female netizen named Xin, she has been hit hard these two days. The fact before her is that it is better for women to marry well than to learn well? She’s very shaken now. Which is more important, love or bread?

The girl’s Post said: two days ago, I had a party with the girls in the university dormitory. The eldest son (once the head of the dormitory) asked me to take my boyfriend with me. Unfortunately, my boyfriend went back to his hometown in other places, so I went alone bravely. It was really a blow! These days, “those who can’t afford their father start to fight for men!” at that time, all six girls in our dormitory were present! Three brought men, and one girl’s man drove his family’s private car (Mercedes Benz) Her man gave her an iPhone 4S, and he used one himself. Because they were engaged, the man bought a Jaguar for my classmate, which is said to be more than 600000 yuan; The man of the second girl has finished the house, which is a hardbound house in the city, 10000 square meters; The third girl’s man gave her a Samsung i9000 or something, a big mobile phone and an absolutely famous university background. It is said that now this man has started his own business, and the prospects should be good

the boyfriend of the girl in the second year of graduate school has no room and no car.

The second half of this post describes the feelings after the party: “I was really hurt after the party! Because my boyfriend is still in his second year of graduate school, and he will have to wait a year to graduate. Now he is still living a student life. When he goes out to see a movie, he has to worry about which one is cost-effective. The most expensive gift he has ever given me is an MP3 of Meizu. Even after graduation, he has no car or room. What he wants is nothing. There is no accumulation. What he really wants is nothing! If he wants to have it, he will have to fight for at least several years. Those of my classmates have become My grades are not as good as mine. After graduation, I went to the society one after another, but I relied on my husband to enjoy my happiness early. Because I did well at the beginning, I was still a graduate student at Nanjing University… “

This “Xin” graduate student said that at the party, she listened to the introduction of her former roommates: they don’t need to work hard every day, they don’t need to squeeze the bus every day, they don’t need to scrimp and save every day for beautiful clothes, and they can buy whatever they want, because their boyfriends have plenty of money

Is it “better to marry well than to study well” or “better to marry well than to study well”? Finally, the girl raised such a question in her post.

netizens argue fiercely about “learning well and marrying well”

This post by a girl in the second year of postgraduate studies caused a heated debate among many students in Nanjing University and even in Nanjing universities. The reporter logged in to NANDA Baihe and and found that the post had been placed on the top.

“It’s certainly right to marry well. Having a material foundation is the guarantee of quality of life…”

“If you study well, you will definitely marry well in the future. Learning well is proportional to your ability. Don’t be confused by some scenes in front of you. Materials are obtained by your own efforts. If you study hard, you will have bread…”

“Your feelings are actually very realistic. After graduating from graduate school, you can find a good job with your boyfriend. Depending on their salary, I’m afraid you need to work until your 70s to buy a two bedroom apartment. As for luxury cars, don’t count on them, unless you’re a rich man…”

“There is nothing wrong with women worshipping money, but please don’t lower your noble head in the face of happiness…”

The comments on the girl’s post can be described as “flying all over the sky”. One floor after another, the reporter made a simple statistics and agreed that “it’s better to marry well than to study well”. Obviously, it’s not as good as “it’s better to marry well than to study well”

female mothers in the second year of Graduate School responded to “learning” and “marrying”

With regard to this post by a girl student of the second Graduate School of Nanjing University, the reporter contacted the girl through various channels. The girl left a message to the reporter on the Internet, saying her mother’s view that “it’s better to marry well than study well”. The girl left a message saying: the party two days ago really made me feel a lot! After telling my mother, my mother said publicly: I want to find a rich man! No matter how well a woman does, it’s not as good as getting married. Mom didn’t hurt you!

In the past, my mother said such things. I think my mother is a bit too snobbish. Now I am confused. I have always said to myself: my boyfriend is a potential stock, and I really love him. We have been in the same school since freshman year. We eat and read together every day. We are very happy! I can’t afford a man now! Wait a few years! My man broke out. I want to fight with you guys! Besides, I am not bad myself! However, my mother beat me again by saying, “it’s certainly better to marry well than study well! Because the fact is before us, even if my boyfriend and I study well, we need to struggle for 20 years to buy a two bedroom house… The lights are out! The music is whispering! My heart is really hurt…”

When I was a girl, I naively thought that love was beautiful! But now, who is more important, love or bread?

Dr. Zhou Kai, a professor of Nanjing University, said in an interview with the reporter: he also saw this hot post on the Internet. Is it important to “study well” or “marry well”? Professor Zhou believes that the two can not be compared separately, but there is one point: good study and good marriage should be in direct proportion.

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