How many methods are suitable for the case to dispel acne and show back beauty? I’ll teach you a few tips to suit the medicine to the case, remove acne and show your back

Many mm not only have acne on their faces, but also on their backs. In summer, it will become particularly embarrassing. What should I do? How to eliminate the acne on the back? Today, Xiaobian brings you some tips. I’ll give you some advice and teach you how to eliminate the pimples on your back.

1、 Reasons for back acne

1. Physical reasons

The back is the reflection area of the lung. Lung heat or blockage of meridians and collaterals will cause acne on the back. I suggest that you can eat more white heat clearing foods, such as tremella, Sydney, Baihe, white radish and so on.

2. Exuberant secretion

The sebaceous glands on the back secrete vigorously, and the cuticle of the back skin is thicker than that of other parts, and the metabolism is slower. It is easy to block pores, so acne will visit frequently.

3. Personal hygiene

If you sweat too much, your clothes stick to your back, and you don’t change them in time, it is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, you should change your clothes frequently, especially your underwear. In addition, we will come into contact with dust every day, and the bed will be dirty after being left for a long time. We should clean it and clean the bed. For example, the pillows and mats should be cleaned and exposed to the sun. The bed board should be cleaned to remove the dust. It is often changed every 3-4 months. It is better to hang mosquito nets to reduce the dust on the ceiling board falling on the bed.

4. Mood swings

Emotional fluctuations, or inexplicable irritability, excessive excitement, irregular diet and sleep, such as excessive intake of raw and cold food, excessive fun and staying up late, or decreased sleep quality, lead to increased internal fire and dysfunction of endocrine system, which also create conditions for acne.

2、 How does back grow blain eliminate

1. Bath salt cleanses the skin

Shower with warm water to warm the body and fully open the pores, then smear a thick bath salt on the back and wash it. Bath salt can not only clean the skin, but also kill bacteria. It is also very mild. If you don’t have that bath salt, you can also use edible salt instead of bath salt, which can also diminish inflammation and kill bacteria.

Tips: you must choose a shower, because bath is more likely to cause cross infection.

2. Use sterilized washing products

Acne on the back may be caused by bacterial breeding. So pay attention to personal hygiene and change clothes frequently. It is recommended to use sanitary washing products containing bactericidal ingredients to sterilize the body. It is recommended to take a bath often with hot water, because hot water can be effective.

3. Tie up your long hair to let your back breathe

The back with long hair is the most beautiful image that can attract the opposite sex, but when the wind blows the hair, it shows not a white back, but a red acne, which is embarrassing. Just like thick bangs will stuffy acne, long hair with hair care and styling products will also cause acne if it contacts back skin for a long time. So tie up a refreshing ponytail or curl your hair at the right time, let the back skin breathe, and the acne symptoms will naturally be alleviated.

4. Pearl cream + Aloe Gel + frequent bathing

If you have acne, try to use less skin care products. Pearl cream has an anti-inflammatory effect, and the powder is small and not easy to plug pores. It is a good helper for treating acne. However, if you find that there are more acne after use, you should stop using it. It is recommended to go to the pharmacy to buy it to avoid being deceived. The anti-inflammatory and calming effects of aloe vera gel are obvious to all. If you are afraid that the Pearl Cream is too dry, aloe vera gel is a good choice, and it will have an effect if you persist for a week. Taking a bath frequently is not wordy. It is necessary to take a bath once a day. It is absolutely not allowed to go to bed after playing all night. If you take a bath the next day, your acne will be more serious. If conditions permit, it is best to take a bath sooner or later.

5. Hot compress or steam

After bathing, apply hot compress with towel or steam the back to open the pores in the acne area, then extrude the acne, and apply the maintenance lotion for acne. If the antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree essential oil are added, the effect will be better.

6. Pay attention to diet

The diet should be as flat as possible, drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits, reduce oil, sweetness and irritation, and guard against eating too much food containing pigments and artificial spices, and food containing caffeine, such as; Strong tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate and so on are also easy to stimulate imbalance in fat and endocrine, forming more urgent acne. In addition, don’t drink too much, smoke, and take tonics at will, because there are many traditional Chinese medicines such as Astragalus, cinnamon, cinnamon, and wolfberry.

7. Regular life, moderate exercise

Life is irregular, often staying up late will lead to excessive sebum secretion, coupled with insufficient exercise, less sweat discharge, sebum accumulation in pores, and easily lead to acne on the back.

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