House prices force girls to lose the most expensive dowry and chastity

A few days ago, aunt Bai, a well-known star mediator in Shanghai, warned all unmarried young women living in Shanghai in a TV program to have self-respect and self-love and not to indulge excessively, stressing that “chastity is the most valuable dowry a girl gives to her husband’s family!” And it was besieged by countless women who claimed to be “non local”, which triggered a big debate about women’s “chastity” rarely seen in this city in recent years.

When we mention the word chastity, we may all say that it is still mentioned in what era. It seems that people have desalinated this concept. However, it is true that chastity is no longer important in the eyes of modern young people, even middle-aged and old people. What they value more is the feeling of two people together. As long as they like each other, most men generally don’t care whether a girl has been with other men, because now society has entered the era of unmarried cohabitation. We may be very clear that around us, we don’t know how many men and women live together first and then get married. Of course, there are also those who break up later without getting married. After separation, they will pair up again and cohabit until they find a suitable one.

Then why do people like to live together? Men don’t say anything. If there is a girl living with them, they can’t get it. And why is the girl? Are they cheap, are they not chaste, or do they no longer care about chastity? These reasons may all exist. I personally believe that the current high housing prices are the main culprit forcing them to lose their chastity. Maybe some people disagree with my view, but please think carefully about my statement below and make a conclusion.

I think every girl, when she was very young, hoped that her prince charming would marry her in a luxurious motorcade, have a romantic and warm wedding, have a home of her own, and give her virginity to him that night. However, we can all see how many men in society can use luxury motorcades, romantic weddings and large houses to marry “new” mothers. Even if there is, it must not be done before the age of 30, because most men can not do it before the age of 30, unless it is the rich n generation!

And we usually have sexual demands around 20, and we also start to fall in love. If we can’t afford to buy a house, we rent a house and live together, and then work together to buy a house. It’s easier said than done. You’re struggling to save money, but house prices are also galloping. How can ordinary people catch up with the fast horse of house prices so easily. When they are tired of chasing, many people will choose to escape, and they will choose to fly apart. The girl will also choose her own diamond king again, and the diamond king may understand the current social situation very well, and she will not care whether she has “chastity” at all.

In the old society, if a girl unfortunately lost her virginity, she must be shameless and unable to marry. Even if someone married her, she would not be looked down upon by her in laws, who would think she was a broken shoe and sneer at her. This is also why in ancient times, a girl had to end her life after losing her virginity unfortunately. They were afraid of being spurned by the secular world! Because they know very well that their “virginity” is the best dowry for their mother-in-law. Girls in the old society had this consciousness, and people had this will to keep their virginity. That’s because most men in the old society didn’t worry about the “house” at all!

So I look forward to turning back the clock, so that we can all return to the happy and pure era when men can afford to buy houses and women are conservative and chaste!

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