It is said that the folk formulas for removing acne are all harmful messages. It is said that the methods for removing acne are all harmful messages

Content rumor 1: hemorrhoids cream acne dispelling rumor 2: green tea powder acne dispelling rumor 3: contraceptives acne dispelling rumor 4: yogurt acne dispelling rumor 5: toothpaste acne dispelling rumor 6: potato chips acne dispelling rumor 7: Apple acne dispelling rumor 8: lemon juice acne dispelling ${fdpagebreak} rumor 1: hemorrhoids cream acne removing expert explanation: in principle, hemorrhoids are caused by varicose veins, and acne is inflammation. It is unlikely that one drug can treat both diseases at the same time. Myth 2: experts on removing acne with green tea powder dispel doubts: green tea has a strong antioxidant effect. The tannic acid contained in it can shrink pores, alleviate acne inflammation, but can not inhibit the growth of acne. Green tea powder DIY facial mask can not guarantee that the green tea powder used is natural, so there are unsafe factors in use. Myth 3: contraceptive acne control experts dispel doubts: there is a certain basis in pharmacology for taking contraceptives to suppress acne. Testosterone secreted by the female adrenal gland will increase the secretion of sebum. Oral contraceptives are synthetic estrogen or progesterone drugs. After oral administration, they can reduce the secretion of androgens by inhibiting the level of luteinizing hormone, prevent the combination of androgens and their receptors, and inhibit the conversion of testosterone into the more powerful form of dihydrotestosterone. Therefore, oral contraceptives can reduce sebum secretion, thereby inhibiting acne. However, according to individual physique, excessive use of contraceptives will disrupt women’s normal physiological cycle, resulting in

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