How to stretch calf muscles after exercise

how to stretch calf muscles after exercise

Methods of stretching calf muscles after exercise. First, stretch the back of the leg. Bend one of the legs, straighten the other leg, and don’t leave the ground. If you can’t do it, you can lift your toes off the ground. Press the straightened leg down with your hands to make the back of the whole calf feel taut. Keep it for more than 20 seconds, and then change it to the other leg.

The second is leg front stretching. Stand up, hold the wall or chair with your hands, grasp the ankles on the same side with your hands, and break them up with force to make the front side of your lower leg feel taut. Keep the other leg upright without bending. After 20 seconds, train the other leg. Repeat the above two movements alternately for 20 minutes to fully stretch the calf.

benefits of stretching calf muscles

Calf muscles are very important to the body, especially for many people who often take physical exercises, calf muscles can ensure the integrity of sports. Moreover, many people often sit and work, so it will lead to a decrease in the bearing capacity of muscles. Proper muscle stretching is better for running.

Secondly, there are two independent muscles on the calf muscle. If these two muscles are not exercised regularly, they are prone to inflammation when running, which will lead to tingling at the bottom of the foot, which will affect the balance and posture of running. Therefore, in order to avoid the above situation, it is necessary to stretch the muscles properly.

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