It’s also a kind of love for women to be mischievous

Pretending to be stupid doesn’t mean being really stupid. A smart woman won’t behave more manly than a man in front of him, otherwise it will make him feel doubly stressed. Knowing how to hide intelligence and aggressiveness, showing weakness and asking for help at the right time, is easier to conquer his heart than being sharp, which is the happy opportunity of a smart woman.

warm tip: understanding “playing dumb” is the highest level of intelligence

Smart people who always want to be strong and compete with each other are not really smart. Although it is easy to attract attention, it is also easy to provoke controversy, and even lead to false misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

Everything stresses balance, but it is often the most difficult to grasp the fulcrum of balance between both sides. In a relationship, if one party is too strong, it will eventually lead to the imbalance of love and the breakdown of love.

Like the previous popular “thirty three days of lovelorn”, although the boyfriend’s deception and betrayal make people resentful, both sides have unshirkable responsibilities in the failed love. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that the relationship between men and women in love must be equal and balanced, that you can retreat and I can advance, and that mutual willfulness, tolerance, concession and understanding can make the vitality of happiness last forever.

The true meaning of happy EQ is to give him some performance opportunities under the premise of not violating principles, not touching the bottom line, and not hurting himself, so that he can give full play to his advantages as a man. For example, let him drive on the road with an excellent sense of direction, which not only provides free driver attentive service, but also saves the inertia of men when women drive, killing two birds with one stone!

This is the victory of a woman’s caution. She learned the three tricks of “acting stupid”. She is even more infatuated with your maturity and loveliness.

if you have the right to love

1. Let him know his importance.

If you are the leader of love and gain the upper hand in love life, the first thing you can be sure of is that he must love you very much and be willing to tolerate and accept all you.

The wrong practice of being arrogant because of being spoiled will only challenge his patience bottom line again and again. The smart way we advocate is to let him know at the right time that his position in your heart is also very important. I made some small mistakes and asked him to help me solve them. I confided my problems in work and life to him and looked forward to seriously considering his opinions.

It’s very important for you to let him realize his existence. It’s also an effective way to maintain female charm to flirt with him from time to time. Don’t let the role of love change: remember, you are the one who needs his protection, not the one who makes decisions for him. Only in this way can the love relationship be stable and lasting.

2. Transposition thinking

Remember, as a leader in love, you should also consider the feelings of the man in turn. The key to improving the quality of love is that both parties can find a sense of belonging and participation.

Like women, in fact, men also need the double recognition from you and love to have unlimited motivation and passion, and continue to shine and contribute energy. Therefore, knowing how to think in a different position, thinking about what he thinks, and being considerate and understanding are always the best ways to conquer a man.

3. Control emotions

Mischief is actually a kind of trust. You know in your heart that no matter how angry he is, he will not go away. Subconsciously, you think that he can always tolerate your small temper. But over time, the girls’ intensification will eventually make men tired and tired. When you cheat, remember to do according to your ability. Oh, master his psychological endurance and measurement field, strive for more within his acceptable range, weigh the balance of power in the internal review of his uncompromising field, control his bad emotions, and learn to self regulate to properly adjust the trend of love life.

Sometimes, the lethality of being calm is more powerful than acting impulsively. Mature femininity needs to be cultivated and honed slowly.

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