What to pay attention to when throwing rope in the gym

what should we pay attention to when throwing rope in the gym?

1. Pay attention to clarify the training purpose before using rope throwing for exercise, we need to clarify our training purpose. After all, rope throwing in the gym is a training method combining aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. If it is to reduce fat, we need to control our training intensity and keep it within the heart rate range of aerobic exercise, preferably about 130 times per minute. If it is to strengthen muscles, then our heart rate needs to be no less than 150 times per minute, otherwise, the training effect will be limited, and the goal will be clear and the result will be twice the result with half the effort.

2. Pay attention to choosing the right weight many trainers have such training misconceptions, thinking that the greater the load, the better the training effect. Everyone’s physical quality is different, and is also restricted by his own training experience. If you don’t know the actual situation of your body, you rashly learn from some trained professionals, blindly follow the trend and choose heavy ropes, then in the process of sports, you will bring too much pressure on your muscles and joints, and such training is very easy to cause sports injuries.

3. Pay attention to posture standards. The number and time of any exercise are not the most important. The key lies in whether the standard and quality of the action can be guaranteed. There are many ways to swing the rope in the gym, but the core can not be separated from the swing. If we simply swing our arms, we need to keep our feet apart and wider than our shoulders, so as to better maintain the stability of the body. Lean forward and bend our knees slightly. Don’t straighten them to avoid damaging them during the exercise.

which burns fat faster, rope throwing or running in the gym?

The fat burning efficiency of rope throwing is higher. Because the training duration of the two is different, it is more appropriate for us to analyze the fat burning efficiency. Rope throwing is usually designed in interval training, which can consume more than 50 kcal in 5 minutes, while running for 60 minutes can consume about 500 kcal. Therefore, from the perspective of fat burning efficiency, rope throwing is better.

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