Can slimming clothes be shaped

Now, some enterprises advertise that as long as they wear body shaping clothes, they can create beautiful body curves. In fact, this is a very wrong statement. The main function of body shaping clothes is to shape rather than lose weight. So, can slimming clothes be shaped? Will wearing body shaping clothes for a long time be harmful to the body? Today I’ll make an introduction.

Can slimming clothes be shaped

The slim figure created by wearing body shaping clothes is only temporary, and it can not really reduce body fat and achieve the effect of weight loss. Because fat is an energy substance, if the human body does not “work” and does not burn, it will not disappear, and it is impossible to stay still. Weight loss is mainly to consume fat in the body as energy, thereby changing the percentage of body fat (body fat rate). In order to reduce the accumulation of body fat and reduce the body fat rate, we need to achieve a negative balance of calories, that is, the calories consumed by the body must be greater than the calories taken in.

Will wearing body shaping clothes for a long time be harmful to the body

The effect of wearing body shaping clothes on the body is usually to help improve the loose skin and make the body more perfect, but it may also lead to poor blood circulation and muscle stiffness, and even lead to bone deformation in severe cases.

Wearing for a long time will reduce the muscle contractility, that is, the muscle will gradually rely on the binding force of the bodysuit rather than its own contractility. In this way, once people take off their body shaping clothes, their flesh will become loose.

Squeezing the chest for a long time will affect lactation.

Too tight waist circumference will lead to many bad gynecological diseases, such as irregular menstruation, pelvic inflammation, infertility and so on.

How to choose body shaping clothes

1. Steel ring cotton pad: some body shaping clothes have bras, so it should be noted that there are lymphatic channels where the steel ring of the chest is pressed, so it cannot be pressed. It is easy to produce fibrous cyst, which is the precursor of breast cancer; Cotton pad is easy to have cotton batt. Cotton batt will enter the breast from the nipple and may block the breast!

2. Conjoined: not everyone’s height and upper and lower body are the same. The small editor of the safety net suggested that we should choose the split body! The split style is more convenient, and the conjoined style is relatively difficult to breathe. For example, it can be troublesome to take a bath or go to bed at night.

3. Hip cup: girls have two pieces of fat on their breasts, so there is a cup design, and there are two pieces of fat on their hips. Therefore, there should be a hip cup design.

4. Long stretching: the transverse tension of stretching is insufficient, and the stretching is easy to be damaged in many places. With the end of stretching exercise, fat will also transfer, which easily leads to improper accumulation of fat.

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