How much is the body fat rate? How to reduce the body fat rate

The body fat rate is the fat rate in the body. After the body fat rate drops, the waistcoat line will gradually appear. How much can the body fat rate practice the waistcoat line?

For women, the waistcoat line is an important dividing line to measure their good or bad figure. However, due to physiological factors, female friends need a certain amount of fat to ensure their fertility. Therefore, for female friends who want to have a waistcoat line, the body fat rate can be controlled between 18% – 22%. However, if you want to make the waistcoat line more obvious, it is recommended to reduce the body fat rate by 2% – 3% on this basis.

For men, because they are larger and have more fat accumulation than women, they have a higher proportion of muscles in their bodies. In order to keep a good figure, it is recommended to keep the body fat ratio between 15% and 17%. Let them have a relative number of abdominal muscles and a better body proportion.

Not all sports can train a vest line. Aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise are both good methods. Among them, aerobic exercise includes running, swimming, cycling, etc., while anaerobic exercise includes strength training such as squatting and weight lifting.

how to reduce body fat rate

First of all, patients with high body fat rate can reduce their body fat rate through diet and exercise. In terms of diet, we should eat more coarse grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, and foods with low calorie content, because coarse grains can increase the sense of satiety of the human body, thus reducing the intake of calories.

Secondly, the diet must be healthy and reasonable. Dietary fiber and vitamins in fresh vegetables and fruits can inhibit the proliferation of human fat, accelerate the metabolism of the human body, and help reduce the body’s constitution. You can also appropriately increase sports, which is helpful for reducing fat. You can consider doing more aerobic exercises, such as cycling, swimming, yoga, jogging, etc., which can achieve a certain effect of reducing fat.

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