Do you need to lose fat first to practice waistcoat thread? How much body fat rate does it need to practice waistcoat thread

do you need to lose fat first to practice waistcoat line?

Whether you need to reduce abdominal fat when practicing waistcoat line varies from person to person. For those who are too fat and have too much belly fat, and those whose fat content exceeds 30% for men and 40% for women, it’s better to reduce their belly fat first and then start practicing waistcoats.

People who are not fat themselves and have no excess belly fat do not need to reduce fat first. They can exercise muscles first to increase muscle content. This process can not only train muscles, but also have a certain weight loss effect.

how much body fat rate does the vest line need?

It is better to keep the body fat rate of men between 15% and 17%. Boys at this body fat rate have a relative amount of abdominal muscles and a good body proportion. Generally, the body fat rate of women should be controlled between 18% – 22%. If you want to make the waistcoat line more obvious, you can also reduce the body fat rate by 2% – 3% on this basis.

how to reduce fat before training waistcoat line? Good effect

1. The best way to reduce fat by aerobic exercise is to do aerobic exercise, such as running, swimming, yoga, cycling, rope skipping, etc., which can achieve the effect of whole body weight loss. It has a good effect on reducing body fat. In the fat reduction stage, do it 5 to 6 times a week, and in the maintenance stage, do it 2 times a week, 40 minutes of aerobic exercise each time.

2. Control diet: try not to eat fried food and meat rich in saturated fat. Try to replace frying and frying with cooking. At the same time, eat more coarse grains and vegetables with high fiber and eat foods rich in protein appropriately.

3. Develop good living habits at the stage of fat reduction, developing good living habits, such as ensuring sufficient sleep time, can improve metabolism, and is helpful to reduce body fat.

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