How to dispel acne in winter? How to dispel acne in winter

The influence of warm winter is huge, affecting all aspects of our life. If the temperature is not lowered, the sebaceous glands will secrete vigorously for a long time. The instability of humidity leads to the decline of skin resistance. The decline of air quality has caused frequent breeding of bacteria. What should we do? Now follow us to have a look.

1. Don’t wash your face with a towel

This is the practice of Xiaobian. If you have to use something to wash your face, it is recommended to use a face washing cotton. Don’t use towels. In addition, don’t wipe the water drops on your face after washing. Use a face washing cotton to gently absorb them.

2. You don’t need to squeeze the acne with your hands. Pick the acne with a three edged needle

It’s really common sense that you can’t squeeze acne with your hands after you have acne. Xiaobian recommends a three edged needle. When using it, both index fingers should wear leather rubber finger covers. The three edged needle needs to find the pores of the acne, and it can be easily squeezed out after rotating.

3. Honey lemonade

A cup of honey lemon water every day can not only effectively discharge harmful substances in the body, but also whiten and brighten the skin and dilute the acne pigment.

4. Toner or aloe gel

After squeezing the acne, you must clean the skin, and then apply toner, aloe vera gel, or manual facial mask. The main effect is to reduce inflammation and calm down.

5. Eat more fruit acid

Fruit acid improves the metabolism of epithelial cells, accelerates the shedding of aging keratinocytes, promotes skin renewal, and makes the stratum corneum smooth and delicate. At the same time, fruit acid can also make the keratinized plugs around the pores easy to fall off, unblock the hair follicle tubes, and effectively prevent pore obstruction. Therefore, it can effectively improve acne.

6. Do not use acne cream

Xiaobian used a lot of acne removing ointment, and the effect was a little bit, but it was not very obvious. Even if he used it at that time, he would still get acne after a few months.

7. I often drink lemon juice

In fact, there is a very important connection between acne and our endocrine. One bottle of lemon juice every day, drink at most three bottles every day, remember! Drinking boiled water alone is extremely slow, but adding lemon makes a difference. After trying this method, it was obviously eliminated in half a month. After three months, I couldn’t see any acne scars, and my skin was very bright and delicate. I felt it was very ineffective!

8. A cup of yogurt every day

Regular constipation can easily lead to frequent acne. It is recommended to drink a cup of yogurt every day. When the intestinal tract is healthy, toxins are not easy to accumulate in the body, and acne is naturally not easy to break out!

9. Eat less hot food such as hot pot

In winter, many people are willing to eat hot pot, barbecue and so on, but hot food must be eaten less. It is OK to eat spicy food once in a while. You can’t eat more, otherwise the acne on your face will come out at any time.

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