How many ways to remove acne and fight against acne muscle? I’ll teach you some powerful ways to dispel acne and fight acne

Don’t think that after summer, acne will not appear. In autumn and winter, the skin is easy to dry and lack of water. Therefore, the situation of skin oil is still not optimistic, and acne may emerge at any time. How to get rid of acne in autumn and winter? The following tips are powerful acne removal strategies in autumn, and tips to easily deal with acne muscles.

1、 Change the cleansing method

Many mm use powerful oil control facial cleanser because they have more facial oil in summer, but if they are still used in dry autumn and winter, the effect will be counterproductive. Because at this time, the biggest cause of oil is the lack of water in the skin, and excessive facial cleansing can easily lead to drier skin. Therefore, it is recommended to use some moisturizing and cleansing products with mild texture and no irritation in autumn and winter.

2、 Replenish water in time

Autumn and winter are most likely to lead to skin water and oil imbalance, and dryness and water shortage are the most common problems. However, once the skin lacks water, it will stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete excessive oil and produce acne. Therefore, it is necessary to take some astringent lotion after cleansing, which not only replenishes water and controls oil, but also has the effect of shrinking pores. You can also take a bottle of moisturizing spray with you, and spray it when you feel your skin is oily and dry, which has a very good moisturizing effect.

3、 Choose the right moisturizing product

Many mm with oily acne skin will put an end to moisturizing oil maintenance products. They think that the skin will be more greasy after use, so they only use toner. In fact, this view is wrong. In fact, oil does not necessarily clog pores, and it is not only oil that clogs pores. The necessary oil helps repair the sebum membrane, strengthen the natural barrier, and prevent the formation of acne.

4、 Exfoliate with caution

Too thick cutin is indeed one of the reasons for the formation of acne, but excessive blind exfoliation will make the skin’s immunity weak and damaged. Therefore, it is best to exfoliate regularly and once a week. And when choosing exfoliating products, you should also pay attention to choosing products containing salicylic acid as much as possible. Salicylic acid has the effect of inhibiting acne.

5、 Use less oil absorbent paper

Many mm with oily skin carry oil absorption paper with them and use it as soon as they have oil on their face. Although this method is simple and fast, it can also avoid embarrassment, but oil absorption paper will take water with it when it absorbs oil from their faces. Skin lacking oil and water will stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands more and make oil output more serious. If you feel that your face is oily, it is recommended to soak the cotton pad with lavender lotion and gently press it on your face to control oil, replenish water and remove acne.

6、 Do not squeeze or scratch with your hands

Do not squeeze pimples with your hands. I believe everyone knows this. Because when you squeeze the acne with your hands, the bacteria on your hands can easily enter the affected part, and in the process of squeezing, it is easy to push the deep acne or secretions into the skin, resulting in secondary infection. After cleaning the face, you can choose special acne removing products or ointment to apply on the parts with acne, so as to avoid forming acne marks or re infection.

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