How long is the most suitable time to work out every day

how long is the most suitable time to exercise every day?

It is best to keep fit for about 60 minutes every day. If the exercise time is less than 25 minutes, the fitness effect is not good; After 25-30 minutes, the human body gets slightly hot, starts to digest calories, and muscles and bones start to exercise, which has a certain fitness effect. More than 90 minutes will exceed the exercise load limit of ordinary people, and it is easy to be injured. However, the details vary from person to person, such as:

1. People who regularly participate in physical exercise have 30 to 90 minutes of effective physical fitness activities every day. If you want to achieve the ideal effect of physical fitness activities, you should do more than 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise or more than 75 minutes of high intensity exercise every week.

2. People who participate in physical fitness activities in the early stage can choose aerobics, ball games, Chinese traditional sports, flexibility exercises and other types. Exercise 3 days a week, gradually increasing to 5 days; Exercise for 10-20 minutes each time, gradually increasing to 30-40 minutes.

Exercise is considered to be the healthiest way to lose weight. Swimming, running, table tennis, cycling and so on have many methods, which are collectively called fitness. Fitness is divided into aerobic training, resistance training, functional training and physical fitness training. The first three basically do not have too many thresholds. Young people and old people can. These types of sports can consume a lot of energy in the body for a period of time, thereby reducing body fat, In the process of losing weight, each type of exercise can bring different benefits to the body.

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