Home made acne removing facial mask Aloe Vera acne removing without leaving traces suitable for all skin? Make your own acne removing facial mask, aloe vera acne removing, no trace, suitable for all skin

Fresh aloe is not only edible but also a good helper for beauty. The effect of fresh aloe acne removing methods is excellent, but not everyone is suitable for using aloe to remove acne. Before removing acne, you should first use aloe to test sensitive skin. Here we will teach you how to make your own Aloe acne removing facial mask to quickly remove acne!

Before Aloe Vera acne removal – sensitive skin test

It is a good choice to apply Aloe Vera externally to help dispel acne, but before that, it is recommended to test the skin’s sensitivity. Beauty lovers can first take a leaf of fresh aloe vera, wash and peel it, take fresh aloe vera solution and apply it to the ears. After 5 hours, check whether there is hypersensitivity. If not, you can use it at ease. If there is, please stop using it and take anti allergy measures.

Aloe Vera acne first step: clean facial skin

Before using fresh aloe vera, clean the facial skin with facial cleanser. Do not apply Aloe Vera directly without cleaning the face. Be sure to do the corresponding facial cleaning work before external application.

Homemade aloe honey egg white acne removing facial mask

Production materials: Aloe Vera, appropriate amount of honey and one egg white.


1. First wash the aloe leaves and peel them. Both sides of aloe should be peeled, and the transparent colloid should be cut into thin slices;

2. Put the cut aloe vera, the prepared egg white and honey into the blender and beat them into juice. After stirring, it can also be filtered with a gauze net to remove the residue;

3. After cleansing, evenly apply the stirred facial mask on your face, and apply more on the acne areas. After applying the facial mask, you can lie flat, close your eyes and mouth tightly, so that your facial muscles are in a relaxed state;

4. Clean it with clean water for 15-20 minutes, and then do the maintenance before going to bed.

After removing acne with aloe – moisturizing and skin care

After applying aloe vera, it is recommended to wash the residual liquid on the skin, and then use toner and moisturizing lotion on this basis. This can not only effectively protect the effect of aloe vera, but also improve the skin. Therefore, moisturizing work should not be ignored.

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