The more elite in the workplace, the closer to sub-health

The life of white-collar workers seems bright, but in fact, there are dangers inside. In addition to the overt and covert struggles that outsiders can’t see, it is more a loss of their physical health, especially their spirit, long-term nervous tension and serious lack of rest. Their health is often red.

In the jungle of reinforced concrete, sandwiched by a large stack of important plans and reports, urban white-collar workers need to climb not only hundreds of steps of office buildings, but also endless higher positions in their working lives; At the same time, what needs to be avoided is not only the traffic on the streets, but also the danger of customers tearing up contracts and competitors’ trump cards.

The fast-paced, high-intensity and high competition brought about by the rapid economic development have made professional managers, white-collar workers, it elites, even journalists and marketing personnel, who used to be the envy of countless people, feel exhausted physically and mentally, and even suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. The word “tired” has become their biggest feeling about life. “The more white you are, the more tired” has become their worry when they meet with surprises in their career promotion

A ◆ typical cases

Elite’s “two-sided life”

In everyone’s eyes, Mr. Zhu is definitely an elite and successful person in the workplace. He is already a member of the editorial board of a well-known magazine at a young age. His literary name is far-reaching, his income is considerable, there is no shortage of wide houses and famous cars. He is also handsome, tall, knowledgeable and witty. He is the prince charming in the eyes of many beautiful women.

However, what everyone can’t possibly think of is that many times when he returns home, after throwing away his suit and putting on his shoes, he will close the doors and windows, turn on the stereo to an amazing volume, and then pick up the microphone with one hand and shout loudly with beer in the other. The next morning, I often wake up on the sofa and quickly put on a suit and shoes to reintegrate into the noisy urban traffic

After nearly three years of such a “two-sided life”, he felt that he was “dying”, becoming more and more irritable, unable to concentrate, and unable to sleep smoothly. More and more cases of forgetting things with a pen and opening his mouth. Finally, he realized that he had to turn to a doctor.

According to the judgment of the psychologist, Mr. Zhu is a typical stress syndrome, and his problems such as losing control of mood, mental laxity, memory decline, insomnia, and backache are the manifestations of chronic fatigue syndrome.

After three months of treatment, his condition has changed a lot. But the doctor said: the most important thing is how to adjust scientifically for a long time after that, otherwise the situation will return.

B ◆ medical interpretation

Behind “the more white, the more tired”:

Chronic fatigue syndrome

According to psychological experts, if most white-collar workers feel more and more unhappy at work, or even feel “more white and more tired” with the continuous rise of their positions, they need to be vigilant about whether they suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a kind of disease characterized by unexplained fatigue that lasts or repeats for more than half a year and cannot be relieved by rest, and accompanied by many somatic disorders. Experts said that the problem is not a simple psychological disease. It has a physiological basis such as long-term physical overwork, damage and failure to recover in time. Therefore, it should be a “physical and mental disease”.

With the rapid development of economy and urbanization, chronic fatigue syndrome is becoming a “global epidemic”. The data show that the incidence rate of chronic fatigue syndrome in the United States is about 2%. The survey found that chronic fatigue syndrome is particularly common among white-collar workers with high education and women aged 30-50. This shows that it is related to higher education and more intense social competition.

However, it should be noted that self feeling fatigue is not always the same as chronic fatigue syndrome. There are a series of diagnostic indicators. Compared with ordinary fatigue, the biggest feature of CFS is that it lasts for a long time and can not be relieved by rest. Some may be fatigue caused by other diseases such as depression, early diabetes and pneumonia, and treatment should start from these diseases.

C ◆ expert support

Learn to put in and out

Avoid “the more white, the more tired”

Since competition is inevitable and the work must be completed, urban white-collar workers and even high-ranking workers need to master the skills to get rid of the mud of physical and mental fatigue and avoid the trap of “the more white, the more tired”. Psychological experts say that correct self positioning, step-by-step planning, and especially self psychological adjustment are the secrets of “the whiter, the easier” and “the happier”.

The following tips may be helpful:

1、 Correct self positioning first of all, everyone needs to make a correct positioning for himself according to his own personality characteristics, hobbies, abilities and weaknesses, and see whether he is suitable for the current industry and position. He can neither blindly overestimate himself nor belittle himself.

2、 Step by step workplace planning every specific position needs to have corresponding work experience and performance accumulation. Therefore, when making your own workplace planning, you can’t be too eager for success or too ambitious. You should make an advanced plan according to your most realistic progress speed, so as to avoid disappointment due to high expectations or regret due to missing opportunities due to too low pursuit, which will lead to psychological crisis.

3、 The psychological adjustment of receiving and releasing should have the necessary psychological flexibility to the gains and losses of advancing and retreating, instead of always worrying about gains and losses. When you feel very tired and can’t recover, you must see a doctor. Don’t always think about your health after completing a certain project. In fact, work can never be completed, and the position will always be higher. Sometimes, taking a step back temporarily is to take two steps better in the future. You can’t wait until there are major problems before turning to the doctor for help.

4、 Adhere to sports to expand hobbies, and adhere to regular work and rest, and maintain good and sufficient sleep. Pay attention to the intake of B vitamins, and diet should be regular and light.

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