When you first enter the workplace, stop being impetuous

Everyone has his first step into society. When this step is taken, you may want to climb to the top of the building immediately. However, the fact is that there will never be such a fast way. You just start to integrate with the society. Whether you can keep pace with the society depends on how you run in, and what you fear most is impetuosity.

For graduates who have just entered the workplace, especially during the first 3-6 months of probation, job hopping is the fastest and most frequent period, which is also called the career impetuous period. This phenomenon is normal to a certain extent, depending on how you handle it. If you are just blindly impetuous and can’t find the direction and goal, it is quite unfavorable to your development.

Especially for college students who have just left school, because they have just entered the society, their understanding of social reality and occupation is not very clear, so they should have a full understanding of this period of impetuosity. The reasons for this kind of work impetuosity are mainly based on the following aspects:

1. Separation between ideal and reality

Although the current college students are well aware of the severe employment situation of college students, they will still have some ideal ideas in their work. They hope that their company will be large in scale, high in popularity, standardized in management and large in growth space. However, the reality is that how many people can enter large companies to engage in high-level white-collar work. Even large companies will have such and such problems in management, which is not as perfect as you imagine.

More graduates will go to work in some small and medium-sized enterprises, where there will be more maladjustments and more problems. In particular, college students will generally start from the bottom and engage in some simple and boring work. In this case, there is a big gap between them and the ideal job they imagined, so there will be some job hopping.

2. An eager mind

College students who have just entered the workplace often show a very positive and passionate working attitude when they first take part in work. From the first day of their work, everyone has an ambition in their hearts, and they all hope to stand out in their work and become the management of the company as soon as possible. It is good for college students to have ideals and fighting spirit, and it is normal for them to pursue and yearn for success. However, they must adjust their mentality, not be eager for success, fantasize about being the best in all aspects in the shortest time, and let their bosses give them an important leadership position as soon as possible.

However, once their efforts in the short term are not immediately rewarded, they will think that the company does not attach importance to talents, has no bole, and has problems in talent management, as if they have no future working here. In this case, some people will have an idea of job hopping. Little do you know that the old employees working here have done better than you now both in their ability and experience.

Maybe you are the next stock with great potential. Maybe the leader will let you engage in more and more important jobs after examining you for a period of time, but because of a hurry to succeed mentality, success is missed.

3. Mentality of “besieging the city”

In the process of communicating with their classmates, many college students who have just joined the work show dissatisfaction with their current jobs, and even don’t understand the resignation of others. They think that how can such a good job leave? This is a “siege” mentality. People inside want to come out, and people outside want to go in. Mountains look high.

People have been thinking outwards, but not inwardly, to consider some problems from the perspective of enterprise and social reality. When this impetuous mentality appeared, did you seriously consider whether it was your own problem or the problem of the enterprise.

Settle down and work in a down-to-earth way for a period of time. When you really integrate into the enterprise and work for a period of time, maybe you will find your position again and find your value. If after working for a period of time, you find that this kind of job is really not suitable for you, then you can choose again, so that you can at least clearly understand what kind of job you should look for next, so that your choice is not blind, so that you can have a better choice in life.

How to smoothly pass the impetuous period and enter the work role as soon as possible can be started from the following aspects:

1. Understand the company’s development strategy

Only when you understand the company from a higher perspective can you have full confidence in the company, and find your own positioning and direction of future efforts. In this way, your personal goals and the company’s goals will be organically integrated, and you will grow together with the company. Therefore, when participating in the work, don’t limit your vision to the current situation and immediate interests of the company. You should communicate more with leaders and deeply understand the development direction and prospects of the company.

2. Integrate into the company and create a good interpersonal environment

For new employees, the reason for leaving the company in a short time is largely because of the unhappiness of working in the company. The happiness of work and happy work are the key factors to decide whether they stay or leave. Therefore, the importance of a happy interpersonal communication environment has begun to highlight.

On the one hand, how to create such a harmonious communication environment depends on the company’s efforts to create a good communication environment for new employees, so that new employees and old employees can integrate together as soon as possible, so that new employees can slowly integrate into the company’s corporate culture in their communication with old employees, and better understand some deep-seated things of the company.

On the other hand, new employees should take the initiative to communicate with old employees, so as to become a member of this big family in the shortest time, experience the happiness of getting along with everyone, and build a good interpersonal platform for themselves, which is conducive to future work. Only when new employees integrate into the enterprise can they create a happy environment and experience happiness in this environment.

3. Make career planning during college

Today’s situation is determined by the choice at that time. Choice is more important than effort. When some college students really take part in work, they find that they do not like this kind of work or this kind of work is not suitable for them. This shows that many people’s career choices are blind, and this will happen if they do not do a good job in career planning.

When you make a choice again after working, it means that your previous work will not help you much or accumulate experience in your future work. Moreover, if you choose too frequently, the cost of your choice will become higher and higher. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, you must make a good career plan during your college life.

You can give yourself some advice through some professional institutions, teachers and friends around you. More importantly, you can clearly know what you like, what the ultimate goal is, and what you are suitable for through your real and in-depth analysis. How to organically combine your goals with your professional interests to choose your own job and achieve the unity of the two, which is a win-win situation for both enterprises and individuals.

Most of the new entrants to the workplace are full of passion and fantasy, have the passion and impulse to do big things, and have unrealistic lofty ideals and ambitions. People have not yet established themselves on the ground, but their thoughts have drifted to the clouds. It can be said that they can’t do big things and don’t want to do small things. Therefore, as a newcomer to the workplace, you must clearly understand that you are not a pearl now, and you can not be demanding to be recognized by others immediately.

If you want others to admit it, you must turn the sand into a pearl. If you want to stand out from the public, you must strive to become a pearl. The road to growth is painful. Butterflies are ugly and painful when they wriggle. But once they break through the cocoon, they will become beautiful butterflies and get real freedom and happiness.

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