Tips to get you out of sub-health

The modern lifestyle has doomed sub-health to be an inevitable problem for us, but in view of such a situation, we can also make adjustments in time. We consulted professional doctors to get several effective ways to treat sub-health. We hope to share them with all our friends to make our life better.

1、 What is sub-health

The definition of health by the World Health Organization (who) is that health is a perfect state of body, spirit and communication, not only physical disease. According to this definition, and through strict statistical statistics, the results show that less than 2 / 3 of the population are really healthy (the first state) and really sick (the second state), while more than 1 / 3 of the population is in an excessive state between health and disease, which is called the “third state” by the World Health Organization and sub-health in China. If the sub-health state is handled properly, the body can be transformed into health, otherwise it will become sick. Therefore, the research on sub-health is an important part of life science research in this century.

2、 What are the manifestations of sub-health

Sub health is mainly manifested as: palpitation, shortness of breath, chest tightness and weakness, memory loss, insomnia, dreaminess, loss of appetite, susceptibility to colds, upset, sweating, abnormal body temperature, abnormal nail image, gray face, low sexual function, etc.

3、 Why does sub-health appear

The reasons for sub-health of the body mainly include the following nine aspects: first, psychological imbalance, second, incomplete nutrition, third, noise suppression, fourth, air pollution, fifth, acting against the times, sixth, physical training without rules, seventh, indiscriminate use of drugs, eighth, internal labor injury, ninth, six prostitution and seven emotions.

4、 How to transform sub-health

The sub-health state can be generally divided into three stages, namely, the stage of slight disorder, the stage of mid-term disorder and the preclinical stage. No matter at that stage, if timely and effective adjustment is made, it will be transformed into a healthy state, otherwise, “obvious disease” will appear and enter the clinical stage.

5、 How to get out of sub-health

Traditional medicine believes that human life activities mainly depend on the functional activities of the Zang Fu organs, and the functional activities of the Zang Fu organs are based on essence, Qi, spirit and body fluid. Under normal circumstances, the body is affected by genetic genes and has physiological functions of self-regulation, self-balance, self recovery and self-construction (referred to as “four self”).

When the giant system of the human body reaches the relative balance between human and nature, human and society, spirit and body, viscera and viscera, and exterior and interior, the functions of viscera and viscera will be smooth and peaceful. Therefore, I summarize the specific methods of adjusting, supplementing, creating and repairing the process of transforming the human body from a sub-health state to a healthy state as the “four flat and one smooth health care law”.

6、 What are the contents of the “four flat and one smooth” health care law

The “four flat and one smooth” health care method mainly uses the theories and methods of traditional medicine to give full play to the potential of the body through self-regulation, self recovery, self balance and self construction, improve and strengthen the immune function of the body, and maintain and restore physical health. There are five specific contents:

1. Yin Yang balance

2. In out balance (four seasons diet)

3. Dynamic and static balance (scientific fitness)

4. Psychological balance (Psychotherapy)

5. Viscera Shun’an (Shun’an series prescriptions and Lingzi acupoint pointing method). These five methods involve pharmacotherapy, physical therapy, dietotherapy, psychotherapy and other natural therapies. The methods are simple, safe and reliable, and have sufficient theoretical basis. They have certain guiding significance for preventing sub-health States and stepping out of sub-health states.

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