Eating four kinds of fruits after staying up late can save your life

“Work at sunrise and rest at sunset” is the result of human adaptation to the environment. But now, due to busy work or rich entertainment activities, many people have become accustomed to staying up late. Human adrenocortical hormone and growth hormone are only secreted during sleep at night, and often staying up late will inevitably damage your health.

So, what methods can alleviate the harm of staying up late to your body? TCM believes that eating fruits can help regulate the body and improve the impact of staying up late on the body. Today, I recommend some fruits suitable for eating after staying up late.

Apple as the saying goes, “eating apples every day keeps the doctor away from me”. Apples are “all-round healthy fruits”, which are rich in organic acids, pectin, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, polyphenols and flavonoids. People who stay up late are prone to constipation, obesity and skin deterioration caused by endocrine disorders. A large amount of vitamins and malic acid in apples can decompose the fat accumulated in the body, effectively prevent obesity, increase hemoglobin, and make the skin delicate. Its rich pectin can also promote excretion and prevent arteriosclerosis.

banana bananas are high potassium foods, and they are also rich in magnesium. Modern medicine has confirmed that potassium can maintain normal blood pressure and heartbeat, prevent blood pressure rise and muscle spasm, and magnesium has the effect of eliminating fatigue. In addition, the sugar in bananas can be quickly converted into glucose and immediately absorbed by the human body. It is a fast energy source, so eating bananas after staying up late can supplement physical strength.

grapes grapes have very high nutritional value. The glucose content is as high as 10% – 30%, and they are also rich in a variety of vitamins and amino acids required by the human body. They have a very obvious effect on protecting the liver. A large amount of fruit acid is helpful for digestion. Eating grapes properly can strengthen the spleen and stomach. In addition, grapes are rich in antioxidant components, which can delay aging. They are very suitable for people who stay up late, and have a good effect on alleviating neurasthenia and fatigue.

oranges oranges are rich in vitamin C, which can reduce the harm of computer radiation, inhibit the formation of pigment particles, and make skin white and moist. For those who stay up late, not enough rest will lead to constipation. The unique nutrients such as cellulose, pectin and hesperidin in oranges have the effects of promoting fluid production, quenching thirst and stimulating appetite and Qi. They are conducive to clearing the intestines and defecating, expelling harmful substances from the body, strengthening the body’s immunity, increasing the elasticity of blood vessels and reducing cholesterol. They are a “good fruit for curing diseases”.

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