See through the hidden rules of love between urban ambiguous men and women

1. What is the principle of love?

Every love has a final bottom line. The bottom line is “trust”. If you no longer trust a person, then force yourself not to love him anymore. Otherwise, they will torture each other.

2. He doesn’t love me anymore. What should I do? How can we get him back?

If a man really doesn’t love you, then a woman should really stop forcing him to do things he doesn’t want to do. A man, without love, will no longer worry about injury. You should know that separation is not to fulfill his happiness, but to fulfill your own happiness.

3. What kind of boyfriend should a girl look for?

At least, find someone who wants to “talk” with you, not someone who just wants to “play” with you. Love needs sincerity. If you don’t have sincerity, let him leave as soon as possible.

4. I was cheated by that bad man. Looking back now, I really hate myself for being so stupid at the beginning?

It’s not that man’s trickery, it’s because he has love, so you believe him.

It’s only because of love that makes a woman stupid.

5. Does not being a virgin mean that it is difficult to find a good man again?

When men and women choose a spouse, they follow the principle of filling the gap. As long as a certain advantage is prominent enough, it can cover up other shortcomings. A woman wants to be respected by her husband not by the thickness of a film, but by the height of her ability. This is the charm that women admire and men admire.

6. Why do people often fall in love when they are clearly rivals in the workplace?

Because they belong to different interest camps, and because they are equal in strength, opponents will have more appreciation. Such a love can be the end at any time. But it is precisely because any time is the end point that love seems more inspiring. Only when you have predicted the time limit of love can you learn to cherish it.

7. Why can some junior high school students finally achieve the right results, while some junior high school students can only be abandoned?

Those who can succeed in the end. Because, they are real “gamblers”: gamble your life!

8. I always feel that I am not good enough, work, appearance. I’m very depressed. What should I do?

There are two kinds of women in this world: one is to find out her shortcomings every day. The other is to constantly find your own advantages.

So, the first kind of women live exceptionally depressed, and the second kind of women live optimistically and confidently.

Happiness is not to be greedy, but to magnify the advantages. A woman who can bring her advantages into full play is really likely to fascinate men.

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