Uncover several alternative girlfriends that make men feel headache

1. Superman girlfriend – (my superman girlfriend)

When you fall in love with such a woman, don’t be a heartless person, or you will die. She will smash your house to shreds with her superpowers. She will strip your clothes off in front of the public when you give a speech. Even if you hide in a high hotel, she will throw a live shark in to make you a pet. So if you don’t talk to this kind of woman, you have to wait in line to go to heaven if you want to talk!

2. Boss girlfriend – [my wife is a boss]

Their encounter was a beautiful woman saving the bear, so it was doomed to a situation of yin and Yang. What’s more, after your girlfriend has been promoted to wife, you’d better not know her identity, and pretend not to know it when you know it. If you really can’t pretend to pass, you can only accept your destiny, be a virtuous wife and help your wife and children.

3. Savage girlfriend – [my savage girlfriend]

This Korean film is all the rage. In fact, China already has it, which is Camel Xiangzi. In fact, men love savage girlfriends only because of Quan Zhixian’s tall figure and pure smile, so it’s OK to be savage at all. But if an ugly, short and fat girlfriend is savage, men will only give two words – shrew

4, forgetfulness girlfriend – [50 first love]

What would you do if your girlfriend didn’t know you when she woke up every day? Our hero is determined to make her fall in love with him again every day. This is really a very tired job, which is not something that ordinary people can’t complete, but we can also experience something new, because every day is a new day.

5. Non human girlfriend – [qiannu ghost]

This girlfriend is good at everything, beautiful, gentle, kind and infatuated, but there is only one bad thing: her work and rest hours are opposite to yours. She comes out at night and sleeps during the day. The only thing you have to do is run with her ashes during the day.

6. Star girlfriend – [Notting Hill]

I can’t understand why big mouth Roberts is so popular. After watching several of her movies, I realized that her acting skills are natural, friendly, frank and unpretentious. However, with this girlfriend who lives in Beverly Hills and her boyfriend who lives in Notting Hill, don’t want to live a clean life anyway. The power of the puppies team is endless! If there is no perseverance, love will be just a drop of ash.

7. Secret agent girlfriend – [thunderbolt doll]

If your girlfriend is beautiful and sexy, she always looks like a dragon without seeing the end. When she wakes up in the morning, she will shout the names of other men to you. Don’t be suspicious, sad or discouraged. Maybe she just calls the name of her agent boss, such as Charlie.

8. Stupid girlfriend – [that boy is so handsome]

What would you do if your girlfriend, rusty bean, tried to lose face for you, took you as a human pad when she climbed over the wall, took advantage of the situation to steal your first kiss, and saw that your head was stuck in the iron net? You can only tolerate her, this is love!

9. Princess girlfriend – [Roman holiday]

Noble, sweet, innocent and lovely, a princess is the dream of every man. Unfortunately, if you are not a prince, you will have to bear a lot of pressure. All people will blame you for not being worthy of a princess. Since ancient times, Cinderella has changed into snow white more than ever, and it is rare to see Cinderella turn into prince charming. So once the two sides are unequal, it can only be a passing fate

10. Violent girlfriend – (killed bill)

This kind of girlfriend is hateful, strong and bloody. If you lose her, she will chase you to the ends of the earth. But if you are devoted to her, she will surely follow you to the ends of the earth!

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