The reason for marrying a man without money is that he is small and has a good life

reason 1: a man without money is like a treasure.

Since ancient times, there have been stories of rich ladies falling in love with poor scholars. The most classic is Wang Baochuan in wujiapo. This prime minister’s daughter is willing to give up wealth and wealth and marry a man from a humble family for love!

Although she suffered a lot when she married Han Yao man, she finally led a happy life with Han Yao man! When others cut their heads to look for a rich man, you find a man without money as your husband, but it shows a good taste. A man without money can give you pure love, which is perhaps more important than money!

reason 2: the “small family” has a good day.

A man without money is destined to bring some “family spirit” to his life. In fact, it’s not bad to think about it. If he doesn’t have money to go to Starbucks on the island for consumption, he can boil a pot of fragrant tea at home, put a tender CD on the stereo, and drink in silence. Isn’t it more beautiful for two people to enjoy each other!

In addition, the couple go to the vegetable market to buy fresh food, and then cook together to cook nutritious and delicious food. Three meals a day are light and clear, and they do it themselves. They don’t have to worry about fat accumulation. They can also make their bodies not fat or thin, and save a lot of expensive fitness expenses!

reason 3: men without money have a higher safety factor

Men without money have a high safety factor. Nowadays, there are so many unstable factors. Rich people sometimes live very tired, but it’s much easier to be with men without money. When you go out on a bicycle, those criminals who rob money look down on you. Who still follows you?!

reason 4: no suspicion

When friends get together and the song ends, naturally some friends will rush to pay in front of you. They know that you have married a husband who has no money and no money. You even omit the suspicion of being stingy. Nowadays, people are most afraid of friends coming to borrow money, because they all know that Huang Shiren’s life is not as easy as Yang Bailao’s. when it comes to borrowing money, refuse, offend people, refuse, and have no choice but to be in a dilemma.

And you don’t have to worry, because we all know that you have just solved the problem of food and clothing. How can you spare money to do good deeds!

reason 5: men without money are unlikely to meet

Men become bad when they have money, which seems to be a hidden rule. Which of those little three canaries is not closely related to rich men? If you don’t want to live that kind of jealous and turbulent life, you may as well marry a man without money. Think about it. His wallet is dry and shriveled. All the bags he buys for you are LV counterfeits. I believe no junior Canary will come to him!

It’s really easy to marry a man without money. In this era, women who are easy to worry about are younger and healthier!

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