What do you do when you meet your old lover?

facing an old lover, you are just a familiar stranger.

When I saw her again, she was very strange to me. All my memories of her stayed in the segment of yesterday. After we parted, we set up our own families. Although we lived in the same city, we never saw each other again. Today, I unexpectedly met her in the street by accident. I was torn by her departure.

But as Eason Chan’s “ten years” sings: after ten years, we can still greet each other as friends, but that tenderness can no longer find a reason to hug. After greeting each other, I politely said: contact again. Years have passed, and she has gained weight. She wears plain clothes and has no decorative face.

I wonder why I was so determined in those days? After walking, I found that I didn’t leave any contact information. Maybe this will be the last meeting. Who knows? Now she is very strange to me. I don’t need to greet a stranger too much.

mentality analysis:

We can call this kind of men cooperative, introverted, gentle and emotional. When I see my old lover, my calm heart ripples, but I won’t express it rashly. The original breakup is still fresh in his memory, but everything has become the past, and he will not look back; A relationship will eventually become a forever memory.

I almost cheated on my old lover

By chance, I met her again. When I saw her again, I felt her constant attachment and unforgettability to me in her eyes. We all want to have each other. Any sensitive topic will make her and me jealous. After her ambiguous expression, I can’t control myself to get close to her, not out of love, but a man’s successful possession.

The recent years of marriage have brought me relaxation, but also brought me a sense of burnout. The “mystery” about the important link of emotional ties has disappeared… But the phone call from my wife has brought me back from crossing the boundary of reason and traditional morality. I almost cheated. All I can do is run away quickly

I love my wife, but I still don’t want to hurt the woman I once loved. I know that I still yearn for a new flame like love. I don’t want to grow old in this habitual marriage, but I rely on my family. I struggle between temptation and morality in contradiction

mentality analysis:

Pioneering men are bold in doing things and dare to love and hate on the road of love. The past love brought him excitement and pain. Seeing each other again aroused his passion when he was in love. Impulsively, he almost did something deviant. Fortunately, his wife’s phone woke him up. However, it will be very difficult for him to avoid temptation next time.

facing my old lover, I want to have her again

Many years ago, I gave up her for my so-called career and future, but after I had all this, I felt that it was not the whole of my life, and I became more and more lonely. When I met her again, she was still so kind and charming. Facing the faint smile she threw, I felt so ugly and embarrassed. In those years, he sold his young love and abandoned the woman he loved for easy material

Is she still thinking about me? She can smile at me so easily. It seems that her heart has completely lost me. In the face of her happiness today, I still can’t selflessly bless her. Maybe men are selfish. Now that we all have our own families, can I continue an extramarital affair with her? Men are selfish animals. I still can’t escape the thoughts of sex. I can’t suppress the desire hidden in my heart and go to her

mentality analysis:

A leading man is active and self-centered. He can easily give up love for his career. But it’s not cold-blooded and ruthless. It’s just that he knows that love is not all, and only bread can keep love eternal. This kind of man, once he has achieved a little success in his career, often looks back to what he gave up to satisfy the emptiness of his soul.

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