Women are more likely to suffer from sub-health

People are almost at a loss for disease prevention. No matter what signs or anomalies appear, it is the king’s way to “kill all” as soon as they are discovered. After all, modern people can’t get sick without getting sick. However, disease prevention is not complete enough. More importantly, we should refuse to enter the sub-health state from the beginning.

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the acceleration of the pace of life, “sub-health” has attracted the attention of many white-collar workers, especially women.

Sub-health is a state between disease and health, a comprehensive manifestation of abnormal physiological activities of the body, a functional change that can not reach the organic disease, and an early reflection of the abnormal adjustment of the whole body and mind. Modern women often need not only to pursue social roles, but also to be good wives and mothers, which often makes them enter a sub-health state without knowing it.

In clinic, experts said that they often encounter female patients in sub-health state. She pointed out that the most typical manifestation of women’s sub-health is fatigue, which is accompanied by psychological and physical discomfort. Psychologically, it is manifested as low spirits, low mood, slow response, daily sleepiness, insomnia and dreams, lack of concentration, memory loss, irritability, anxiety, and easy to panic.

Physically, it is manifested as fatigue, fatigue, drowsiness, shortness of breath during activities, sweating, soreness and pain in bones, joints and muscles, irregular menstruation, etc. However, there are no positive results in the hospital for laboratory tests, X-ray, B-ultrasound, CT and other examinations. If we do not pay attention to it for a long time, this functional change of the body will gradually turn into organic diseases, such as insufficient blood supply to the brain, stroke precursors, autonomic nerve dysfunction, cervical spondylosis, insomnia, vertigo, tinnitus and other diseases.

Experts remind the majority of female friends that if the above situation occurs, don’t be afraid. Traditional Chinese medicine has the idea of treating diseases based on syndrome differentiation, treating diseases without treating them, being good at conditioning and paying attention to health preservation, which is very effective in correcting sub-health.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, “the meridians determine life and death, deal with all kinds of diseases, regulate deficiency and excess, and do not obstruct.” meridians block is also the cause of diseases. Acupuncture and massage stimulate meridians and acupoints, thereby regulating the functions of viscera and tissues, reducing their surplus and supplementing their deficiency, promoting the circulation of blood and Qi, calming Yin and calming Yang, resisting diseases and protecting the body.

In addition, traditional Chinese medicine conditioning is an important theoretical idea of traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, which can choose the corresponding diet according to different symptoms. At the same time, we should also pay attention to balanced diet, regular work and rest, and proper exercise. In addition to studying and working, we should also adhere to appropriate entertainment, so that our brains can rest in time and maintain a happy mood.

Experts suggest that we should pay attention to women’s sub-health, recognize that a strong body is the basis for us to enjoy life, and a good mentality is the guarantee for us to live a positive life. Therefore, we must improve the awareness of health care, stay away from sub-health as soon as possible, so that the majority of female friends can live a wonderful life and enjoy a better life under such fierce competition and tremendous pressure of life.

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