Stay away from evil women! Seven types of women most likely to divorce

Divorce, which used to be a disrespectful act in China, is now common to people, but the breakdown of marriage is also a failure. In order to avoid this failure as far as possible, men should pay attention to the following seven categories of women who are most likely to divorce!

first, people with excessive desire for power and domination the reason is very simple: marriage is based on mutual equality and mutual respect. If one party is always superior to the other, it will inevitably lead to the dissolution of the marital relationship. Just think: who will live under the fence of emotion all his life? He (she) is also a living “person” with flesh and blood, feelings and self-esteem.

II. sex life extremely disharmonious people sex life is an important aspect of husband and wife life, and its harmony directly affects the quality of husband and wife relations. In today’s society, people’s concept of gender has been gradually changing. In addition to pursuing a high standard of material life, the quality of sexual life of couples is also becoming higher and higher. Some even equate the two completely or attach more importance to them. Once the other party can’t meet his / her sexual needs, he / she will have the idea of “asking for a better person”.

III. people who get married early people who get married too early are often hasty. Because they are not prepared to fully perform their marital duties, they lack certain living ability, social experience, and mature outlook on life and values. With the growth of age, the expansion of their life, vision, and pursuit, and the influence of complex social relations, they are very easy to break up with their spouses.

IV. people who have affairs even the most “moral” person will be unable to extricate himself or herself from such a situation. A freshness that has never been seen before will go deeper into the most essential depth of his or her being a “person” and indulge him or her to say goodbye to the “old sense” from time to time.

v. people who get married in a flash this is equivalent to a businessman who is eager to make a fortune. Without careful consideration and in-depth understanding of the market situation, he recklessly makes a business on his own impulse and subjective feelings about the superficial phenomena of the market, and finally fails.

6. People with too consistent personalities this is contrary to the traditional concept, but it is different from the idea that “the same sex repels each other and the opposite sex attracts each other” in the magnetic field. One person loves to argue and quarrel, and the other always avoids it; One person loves to argue and quarrel, and the other always quarrels more fiercely. Which is the stable love building of these two couples?

VII. People whose parents are divorced such people are often cold and withdrawn, lacking the skills of emotional communication and the ability to love and be loved. At the same time, their parents “set an example” for them to divorce, and made them “hereditary”, so their marriage is often easy to break down.

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