Keep five rules in mind and get rid of sub-health

So, what is sub-health? Sub health refers to a state between health and disease, that is, there are some functional disorders in the muscle, but the exercise of social functions is not affected, and subjective discomfort is felt. It is a transitional stage between health and disease. There is no disease physically and psychologically, but there are many uncomfortable symptoms and psychological experiences subjectively.

First, I am weak and tired easily;

Second, the mind is not fresh, the face is painful, the eyes are tired, the nose is stuffy and dizzy, the ears are tinnitus, and the throat feels foreign bodies;

Third, poor sleep, cowardice, shortness of breath, numbness of hands and feet;

Fourth, getting up in the morning has unpleasant feelings, chest tightness and discomfort, neck and shoulder stiffness, upset and so on.

Sub-health is a non disease state. To get rid of sub-health, we should not rely on the diagnosis and treatment of doctors and the efficacy of drugs, but rely on ourselves to actively and consciously prevent and adjust our own life rules.

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