Keeping love fresh: keep your love alive

How long is the shelf life of love? Nothing warms the hearts of lovers more than Stephen Chow’s “ten thousand years”! But “scientists” pour cold water on it, saying that the so-called “love” is actually just some chemical components in the body, which will still expire on that day.

Just like the habit of marking the shelf life of food in foreign countries, “scientists” put a stamp on the package of “love”: love 18 months ago was fresh, delicious and juicy, and after 18 months, although it was still edible, it began to discount in taste; Wait until 3 years later – throw it directly into the garbage can, and then go to the supermarket to buy a new one! Not willing to let their past romantic love fall into such an “expired” end? Let’s keep your love fresh from now on!

How long is the shelf life of love? What warms the hearts of lovers most is Stephen Chow’s “ten thousand years”!

new ways to keep fresh every week

their exclusive “heart” time

Don’t think of the exclusive time of two people only as a private moment in bed, or as watching TV at home and going shopping together; It is only when we communicate with each other that we can truly be “exclusive to two people”! Spare half an hour every week. Don’t choose a movie theater or a noisy entertainment place. Try to take a walk with him in the evening, or sit on the carpet with a cup of hot tea and talk at home without turning on the TV or computer. In this half-hour, I devoted myself to two people’s world, listened to their feelings, and talked about my own thoughts. After I formed the habit, the situation of “being together every day, but I don’t know you more and more” would never happen between you.

do you feel tired Iron his heart

Once a website did a survey. The most common saying that a husband would like to hear from his wife is not “I love you” or “you don’t have to worry about housework”, but “are you tired?” Or “are you tired?”. So although the virtuous you know his tiredness well in your heart and have prepared dinner and steaming bath water for him, you must also ask this sentence, because rubbing your shoulders relieves his tired body, and this sentence can iron his heart. Especially after returning to your own small home from your mother’s house, he will feel that he has married the most intimate wife in the world.

“careless” increases intimacy index

Although countless psychological experts have suggested that we should often say love to people around us, many young couples are still not used to saying “I love you”. Since it’s hard to say that I love you, let’s show it with practical actions! Between lovers, “fiddling” is an effective way to increase the intimacy index of two people. When shopping and crossing the street, clasping your fingers, kissing your cheeks before going to bed and after getting up are all daily small actions to ensure that love does not fade.

In addition, don’t think that “the husband gives you a bunch of flowers and the wife gives you a kiss” is a normal intimate scene between husband and wife. Even if he only gives you a vegetable basket or briefcase after entering the door, you should still greet him and kiss him. If he asks why in surprise, you can look him in the eye and smile and say: No, why. – This is more touching than saying “I love you” directly.

“Sacrifice” will bring him humility and tolerance in the future, because the most suitable soil for “love” to grow up is understanding.

new ways to keep fresh every month

use small “sacrifice” as a regulator of love

Sounds simple? Hey hey, you should choose the one who “likes it, but you are not willing to do it”! For example, tonight, he was allowed to sit in front of the computer and play games with crackling words. He restrained himself from nagging; Or accompany him to see the concept auto show and listen to his “speech” all afternoon, which is full of joy and happiness; Or go to the restaurant that he loves very much but you are not interested in for dinner. He who believes in you will also secretly remember it in his heart. This “sacrifice” will bring him humility and tolerance in the future, because the most suitable soil for the growth of “love” is called understanding.

do you want praise not to depreciate? Once a month

In fact, men sometimes like children are full of love and closeness to people who often praise themselves. When he does well, saying “great” is just a simple compliment to us, but he can keep it in his heart for a long time. If he can praise him in front of friends and family, such as “if it weren’t for how my husband was” or “you don’t know how my dear was that day”, he will be even more happy in his heart. However, you should pay attention to the frequency of praising him. It’s almost good to praise him once a month, otherwise your praise will be devalued!

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