Keeping correct posture can prevent back pain

Now many young people are troubled by low back pain, especially office workers who need to sit for a long time. Low back pain is generally caused by the loss of the low back due to poor posture, overwork or trauma of the low back. Therefore, it is important to prevent back pain and maintain correct posture.

standing posture

The correct standing posture is to raise the head, keep the shoulders straight, slightly tilt the chest forward, draw in the lower abdomen, and slightly concave the back of the waist. This will not only relax the lumbodorsal muscles, but also make them look more impressive.

sitting posture

When sitting, you should straighten your waist, land your feet on the ground, your legs will naturally sag, and your hips will lean back. You can use soft cushions to make your waist reliable. Don’t slouch next to it, because your waist and back are too bent, which will only make you more tired. Pay attention to the moderate height of tables and chairs to facilitate work. The best sleeping position is lying on your side with your knees slightly bent. Use only one pillow, and use a substantial (harder) mattress to support your weight without falling. If necessary, add a wood block under the mattress to make your back rest.

reduce the burden on the waist

Bending over is easy to cause backache, so you should bend your knees or squat down as much as possible in your daily work; When doing daily work or housework, you can use a high stool or adjust the height of the workbench to avoid bending. If bending is unavoidable, you should do several waist flexion and extension exercises after bending to maintain the flexibility and curvature of the waist.

When lifting heavy objects, you should squat down, get as close as possible to the object you are lifting, and use the strength of your legs. To understand, the muscle strength of the legs is much stronger than that of the back. Also, you should measure your strength, otherwise it will damage your waist and back. If you want to turn around when lifting objects, you should first turn your feet instead of twisting your waist, because twisting your waist when you are carrying weight will cause great damage to your lumbar spine.

waist protecting posture for special people

pregnant women: pregnancy is a great burden on the lumbar spine, so special attention should be paid to maintaining correct posture, such as avoiding bending over and lifting heavy objects. After childbirth, more rest should be taken to recover the back.

obese people: being overweight is also a burden, which makes you more prone to low back pain. Therefore, you should pay attention to diet and take appropriate exercise to maintain an ideal weight. Waist exercise will help you to a certain extent.

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