Wing Chun boxing is not strong enough. What should we do

1. Wing Chun boxing is not strong enough. We should practice basic skills well

1.1. Turn horse

When you turn with your feet, you should clamp them and practice techniques, such as throwing elbows.

1.2 entering the horse

Strike the ground (it’s ok if you don’t). Focus on the back foot. Practice slowly and then quickly.

1.3 withdrawal

Wipe the ground and retreat (it’s OK not to wipe it). Focus on the back foot. Practice slowly first and then quickly.

1.4 serpentine hand

Basic skills of Wing Chun boxing.

1.5. Chain boxing

When practicing this kind of boxing, you need to relax your whole body and spirit, find a sense of speed, and hit speed. After all, Wing Chun emphasizes speed. Over time, the strength and speed of practicing home will be reflected together, and then you can practice with the previous horse steps.

2. Wing Chun boxing is not strong enough, so we should master strategy and tactics

2.1. If you move, your body will change. The three tips are like one

This sentence means that once you hit, you must change your body shape and orientation. It should be noted that when you hit someone, you are also hit by someone. Then changing your position means avoiding the enemy’s attack on you. The tip of the hand, the tip of the foot and the tip of the nose, which are like a finger, must step steadily on the same vertical line to protect their own vital points (that is, the embodiment of defending the middle). Many people’s feet are floating when they attack, and their attack and defense are out of line, caring for one and losing the other, that is, the beauty of the three tips is not rhymed.

2.2 if the enemy hits indiscriminately, it will be solved by hitting the navel

People who have never practiced martial arts must use their hands and feet to defend themselves. It is really difficult for ordinary martial arts masters to defend themselves. Therefore, there is a saying in the Wulin that “random fists kill a master”. I have studied this for many years and finally realized that this move is to see the enemy hit him. It can shoot and kick him in the middle of his navel. Often one hit is like a ball to vent air, and he collapses on the spot, which means that those who fight indiscriminately are empty.

2.3. If the enemy turns around, he will break the hip

When the enemy turns around, he must use such techniques as whip fist or back sweep. When he turns around, he will kick the other side’s buttocks. If he hits, he can’t use any techniques.

3. Wing Chun boxing is not strong enough, so we should pay attention to persistence

We must persist in learning martial arts. Whether we learn Wing Chun or other Chinese martial arts, it is a process of persistence. It is good for your body and spirit. Maybe you think you can’t use what you learned in peacetime now. Yes, some people may not use it all their lives. This is only the rudimentary understanding of kung fu fighting, but the essence and spirit of martial arts and the philosophy of life that can be applied to life after mastery may be worth experiencing and aftertaste for a lifetime.

Why should we practice strength in Wing Chun boxing

Kung Fu is “one courage, two strength and three Kung Fu”. It is a real thing. Without strength, how can there be Kung Fu?

Relaxation is just the key to exerting power, which aims to reduce the binding force of irrelevant muscles and achieve a high degree of coordination from top to bottom of the body, so that the exertion can be transparent. Therefore, relaxation does not mean that Wing Chun boxing does not need to practice strength or cannot practice strength.

The core of Wing Chun boxing lies in the “overall structure”. What is the structure? Structure is an integral support formed by the joint action of bone marrow, tendons and muscles. This overall support is the power system of Wing Chun boxing, which keeps the power of Wing Chun boxing smooth.

Those who practice Wing Chun boxing have this power system, but why are there differences in skills? Why are the same skills better than the body? In addition to bones, there are differences in tendons and muscles, that is, the other side is more powerful. Therefore, to learn Wing Chun boxing, it is necessary to practice strength!

According to my understanding, there are two kinds of Wing Chun boxing training strength: one is the strength of tendons; The other is muscle power.

What should we pay attention to when practicing Wing Chun boxing

Boxing practice, especially sequential practice, is very important in boxing practice and must be practiced every day. You should practice all the things you have learned at least once every day, that is, from the first day you learn to the last day you learn.

Never look into the mirror when practicing boxing. This is an absolutely wrong and deceptive statement. Facing the mirror will make you lose your sense of three-dimensional space.

When practicing each movement, you should check whether you can hit the strength. And you should pay attention to whether you can stand steady when you play? Every action of Wing Chun boxing should include striking power. If you can’t fight, it means that the angle is wrong and there is definitely no power.

When practicing, breathe naturally, not intensively. In addition, the muscles of the whole body can not be completely relaxed, but are in a proper tightened state, and should be consistent. Relaxation is relative to the collapse of hard muscles, and is not completely relaxed.

Wing Chun boxing doesn’t strike a horse or stand upright. What she wants is a balanced body. It’s best to put aside all the experience and habits of martial arts when practicing Wing Chun. If you want to practice Wing Chun well, you must first practice the way of thinking. Wing Chun is scientific. Whether it is correct or not is not a matter of individual will and experience, but is regulated by physical and physiological conditions.

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