Treasure Book: 10 famous words let you conquer a man’s heart!

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In this world, there are three things you can’t easily believe: a man’s commitment, a man’s feelings and a man’s reasons. But at the same time, please remember that there are also three things that are most precious in the world: a man’s commitment, a man’s feelings and a man’s heart.

Men in the world are true when they promise you, but they are also true when they betray you. When he doesn’t love you any more, it’s clear that he has changed his heart, and he will only think that the advantages that attracted him at the beginning have disappeared.

1. Please remember, if a man is sorry for you, please break up with him firmly. You also have to remember, never lose your temper, and break up gently. If you lose your temper, the reason for your breaking up will be based on personality incompatibility. If you break up gently, you are just out of luck and regret in the world.

Honey, give men more regrets. Regret has always been a sad and beautiful scenery in men’s hearts. Most men don’t know how to cherish. They believe that what they can’t get is the most beautiful, and what they lose is always poetic. Letting him lose you is psychologically superior to letting you lose him.

2. If you don’t want to be an injured woman, don’t try to conquer a man over 40 who has never been married and has no fixed girlfriend. Usually, this kind of man is either lonely and arrogant because of his deep injury, or incompetent in sex or love.

3. The best way to see whether a man loves you or not is to see whether he has brought you into his world and his life.

4. As the saying goes, you have to be nice to a man if you can subdue him. But don’t always be good, just take care of him when he is ill. Remember: never get too used to a man. Don’t let him take it for granted that this is what you should do and what you like to do.

5. There is a word called myth in this world. Do you want to know what is myth? Please listen to men express their love to you! There is another word in the world called legend. Do you want to know what legend is? Please listen to the man’s promise to you! All women in this world have dreams, and dreams are the reactions of women when they are exposed to myths and legends.

6. As a woman, I should believe in men. It’s like being willing to believe that world peace will come, although you also know that world wars are ongoing.

7. Every woman must be foolish at least once in her life. Those who are stupid twice or more are not smart women and deserve to be cheated and dumped. If you have been deceived, you’d better hold the mentality of “losing your body after drinking, don’t take it seriously”. In this way, although you can’t have love, you can at least save face.

8. Don’t look through your husband’s or boyfriend’s mobile phone messages, don’t “check your post”, don’t track down, don’t let a man feel that you care about him very much, and let him care about you and pay attention to you.

9. Don’t surprise each other when you are on a business trip. Don’t make a surprise attack. Don’t come back or visit each other without saying hello. I believe all women do not want to see scenes that make them regret their lives.

10. Dear women, it’s easy for you to lose sight of such animals as men. At first, you thought he was Prince Charming, but at last you found that he was a white eyed toad. But there are also excellent men in the world. He is gentle, kind, considerate, full of interest, very responsible, and it is best to have some family property, but the most important thing is that he loves you! At this time, dear babies, remember to seize every opportunity and try to marry the man you love!

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