Uncover: the most suitable couple to break up as soon as possible

Life is precious, but love is expensive.

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This is a wise saying that people often borrow. It can be seen that love is a noble feeling, even more valuable than life. What is love, spiritual or material? What is it optimized from? For me, it’s a knot in my heart that can’t be solved and a cloud of love that can’t be dispersed.

In particular, the love between men and women is endless. Through the ages, there are countless moving stories. The word “love” can be added before and after the word “love”, including feelings, friendship, family love, love and love. Emotion, love, reason, love and so on. There are dozens of combinations of words and expressions with the word “love”.

Love can be separated from all emotions and crystallized after refining and sublimation. The purity of love depends on the content and proportion of true feelings. Determine the distance that love can go. I don’t believe in “eternal love”, which is a lie between men and women. Love changes with time and things, and people can’t do it. This kind of ideological feeling is unpredictable and difficult to control.

Love is really a difficult equation to solve. The love relationship of some constellations is very simple. Two people are in love. However, the relationship between couples in some constellations is extremely complex, as if “friends don’t get together.” now we are here to make an objective “love judgment”. We suggest that the following couples break up as soon as possible. Anyway, lovers won’t love you long. Relax and see if you and your current lover are among them.

first Pisces and Capricorn

Capricorn loves Pisces, which is seeking fish out of a tree. It’s a waste of time

If your sun sign is Pisces and your lover’s sign is Capricorn, then it’s really difficult for your feelings to compose beautiful notes, because the combination of Pisces and Capricorn is extremely embarrassing. Because Pisces wants romance, sweetness and warmth, Capricorn can’t afford it. Capricorn is naturally depressed, opinionated and independent, and Pisces feels very uncomfortable. So Pisces and Capricorn’s love combination, Eiffel thinks it’s really difficult to spark love. Unless Pisces is willing to actively sacrifice his imagination of love dreams and completely adapt to the small frame set by Capricorn for feelings, it’s better to break up such a love relationship. Anyway, lovers won’t love you long.

the second Scorpio and Virgo

Scorpio loves virgins more than Kuafu chasing the sun. That’s ridiculous

If your sun sign is Scorpio and your lover’s sign is Virgo, then your relationship is really “dark”, because Scorpio and Virgo are lovers, and both of them are very prone to “negative thinking”, especially subconsciously with “melancholy factor”, which is like acting in a mime. When you talk on the phone, you will always “sigh and sigh”. Because Scorpio’s ability to bear grudges is natural, and he likes to dig up old scores. Virgo is always picky about each other’s shortcomings, nitpicking and worrying, which makes Scorpio nervous. Therefore, the Scorpio Virgo love combination is really difficult to get along with, unless Scorpio learns to stop controlling and demanding, and Virgo wants to accept the imperfections of his lover. Of course, this is an impossible goal. So Scorpio loves virgins. Eiffel thinks it’s better to break up. Anyway, lovers don’t love you long.

the third Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini loves Sagittarius, just like “cheating” loves “playfulness”, so they can match each other in every move.

If your sun sign is Gemini and your lover’s sign is Sagittarius, then your relationship is really a “Thunderbolt”, because Gemini and Sagittarius, both of which belong to the “later stage class” in the list of love specialities, especially Gemini, who often use the trick of “coaxing and deceiving” their lovers, and Sagittarius simply does not know what “specialities” are.

Therefore, the two constellations are communicating, which just confirms the idiom “different dreams in the same bed”. Unless Gemini changes his personality of liking the new and hating the old, and Sagittarius starts to learn to be a love otaku, of course, he also knows that this is an impossible expectation. Therefore, Gemini loves shooters, and Eiffel feels that it is like “cheating” loves “playfulness”, which is a real balance of strength and a perfect match.

Fourth Aries and Aquarius

Aries loves Aquarius, and “wordless ending” can be used as the theme song of love

If your sun sign is Aries and your lover’s sign is Aquarius, then your feelings are really “fragile”, because Aries has a super hot temper, a loud voice, a super direct speech, and a quarrel when talking about love. Aquarius has no slang head and sometimes has a delicate mind. It is definitely not the object that Aries can deal with. So Aries will complain, why can Aquarius think about a thing for a long time, while Aquarius thinks that Aries is a person without depth. Therefore, their love relationship is like building a sand castle in the intertidal zone. The tide comes and goes, and the love disappears without a trace. Therefore, Mr. Eiffel thought that “wordless ending” could be chosen as your love theme song.

fifth Taurus and Leo

Taurus loves lions. It’s like “there’s no trace when a boat crosses the water”. It’s very sad

If your sun sign is Taurus and your lover’s sign is Leo, then your feelings are really “dramatic”, because Taurus and Leo are logically a perfect combination, because Taurus’s elegance and gentle temperament, coupled with Leo’s king and personal charm, can be called the best couple for princes and princesses. It’s a pity that beautiful stories don’t have a good ending, because Leo loves to act. They like to say one thing and do another. Especially in front of friends, they will pretend to love their lovers. But behind their friends, the arrogant Leo will show it completely. Taurus is good tempered on the surface, but don’t irritate him, otherwise his good temper will become an “ox temper”. Therefore, the Taurus loves the lion’s love affair. Mr. Eiffel feels that it is like a situation of “going high and going low”. It is very distressing to applaud but not win a seat!

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