How to dance belly dance

1. How to dance belly dance

In the process of dancing, the weight and the floor make use of each other, resulting in the reaction of the floor to the force at the feet, which is slowly transmitted to the hip joint along such a line as the big toe arch ankle joint lower leg bone knee joint thighbone hip joint of both feet. Feel that the legs under the hip joint are pushing upward like braces, and cooperate with the hips to lift upward. At this time, you should feel that your legs are almost reaching your waist. This practice and the corresponding feeling are the focus and key of all practices and feelings. Be sure to find this feeling and always maintain it. The hip position must be handled well, otherwise it will be like a burden.

Correct use of waist strength: the center of gravity of the upper body moves forward, depending on the sense of force supporting the front top of the back waist. The center of gravity of the upper body moves backward, depending on the strength of lifting the front waist and moving the back waist. When supporting the thrust of pedaling the floor, the waist is pushing with force at the same time. When the center of gravity of the upper body swings and the weight rises, the waist force plays a role in pushing and stabilizing the center of gravity. In the steps with rotation, the waist force always rises to ensure the vertical and rotational speed of the axis or heel rotation body, the beauty of the body lines, and the verticality of the center of gravity of the body all depend on the strength of the waist lifting.

2. The source of belly dance

Belly dance is a traditional dance in Türkiye. However, including ancient Egypt, belly dance can also be traced back to the Mediterranean, Balkans and the Middle East. Many scholars even believe that flamenco dance in Spain evolved from belly dance. If you have ever seen flamingo’s passion, you will know why there is such a saying, but belly dance is far more enchanting than flamingo. In this dance, the movements of the abdomen and other parts are far more than the movements of the limbs. This unique dance comes from the pain of women in childbirth and the joy of giving birth to new life. In addition, in order to show respect for the Earth Mother God, these girls must dance barefoot. Later, this dance specially for gods was named, which is what we call belly dance.

3. Types of costumes for belly dancing

3.1 Egyptian style clothing is a robe or corset and skirt, which is directly weighted on the skirt. Accessories include headbands, necklaces, bracelets or armbands, or separate sleeves and scarves.

3.2. Türkiye style: Türkiye belongs to open Europe, and dancers usually wear very little. However, boldness, prominence and exposure of costumes are not the requirements of this style, but the characteristics. It’s often used in night headquarters or restaurants.

3.3 Lebanese style: common props include cymbals and Shepherd sticks, and occasionally sword dance or knife dance will be performed. Lebanese dancers use gauze for a long time when entering the arena, and they are also used to wearing dance shoes to perform.

3.4. American Tribal Style: they don’t pursue the splendor of other belly dance costumes, but prefer to use local materials. They mix and match the most simple cotton cloth, natural fiber, hemp rope, shell, feather, embroidery, etc. from nature to form strange costumes with multi-level decoration.

Advantages of belly dancing

1. Belly dance has stretching and contraction, which makes muscles tight and elastic, and avoids relaxation and sagging. After practicing dancing for a long time, the mentality will also improve. As the saying goes, “the heart generates the mind”, so the whole person will look much younger than his actual age.

2. Dysmenorrhea, headache, irregular physiological cycle and so on, these problems in physiological period can be improved by belly dancing.

3. After long-term practice of belly dancing, the muscles will be elastic and the skin will be tight. It’s equivalent to wearing a natural body shaping suit for yourself. The goodbye meat on the arm and the swimming ring on the stomach will disappear obediently.

4. The dancers stand, sit and walk upright and full of energy every day. This is because dance practice improves bad posture and posture.

5. By practicing dance, we can relax the stiff muscles, make the blood flow smoothly, and make all systems work normally.

Precautions for belly dancing

1. Don’t eat too full before and about 1 hour after the exercise. You can eat a small amount of food to avoid dizziness on an empty stomach.

2. When practicing belly dancing, you should bare your feet, and your waist and abdomen must be exposed. The advantage of doing this is that you can see that your posture is correct.

3. Another very important thing is the need for a belt. The belt is the most important feature of belly dance, which symbolizes the value of belly dance. The belt can also give beginners more sense of belly dance and make them feel more when practicing.

4. Belly dance has a lot of movements that need to be twisted on the knees. We must not exceed the toes, which will hurt our ankles.

5. When practicing belly dance movements, we should not use brute force to increase the waist, which is easy to damage our spine, especially for women over 45 years old.

6. Pregnant women should practice belly dancing three months after giving birth.

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