The correct way to wash your face is to whiten your skin in 4 steps

How do you wash your face? Is it a splash wash or a facial cleanser? After washing, wipe it dry and let it dry thoroughly, or will it add some ingredients to the skin? Washing your face is something everyone should do every day. If you wash it correctly, you can skip many skin problems; If you wash it wrong, you will not only have many problems, but also have to pay tuition for your skin. So how to wash your face and what is the right way to wash your face?

The right way to wash your face

1. Choose the right facial cleanser and use different facial cleansers in different seasons

When washing your face, it is important to choose a suitable facial cleanser.

The facial skin will secrete sebaceous glands and sweat glands, and then form an invisible protective film on the skin, which is slightly acidic. It mainly plays the role of sterilization and skin care. However, people with oily skin secrete more oil on their faces, so some of them like to wash their faces with alkaline soap or facial cleanser with strong vitality. In fact, doing so easily destroys the protective effect of the skin protective film, stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oil, and on the contrary, the more oil they wash.

Generally speaking, if the skin is not too dirty, it is generally not recommended to often use alkaline soap or vigorous facial cleanser.

Secondly, some people like to use the same facial cleanser all year round. In fact, facial cleansers should also be changed according to the season. For example, if there is more oil secretion in summer, you can choose refreshing facial cleansers. If there is less sebum secretion and poor moisturizing ability in winter, you should choose some mild facial cleansers.

2. Don’t be careless in cleaning. The water temperature of the parts is the key

Before washing your face, you must wash your hands. If you have female friends with makeup, you must remove your makeup before cleaning.

First, wet the face with water, then squeeze an appropriate amount of makeup remover or facial cleanser on the palm of your hand, rub it on your face, and gently massage with your fingers in circles at various positions of your face, especially the T-shaped part and other places with large pores,

Then rinse the facial cleanser on your face with flowing warm water. When cleaning, it is better not to use cold water or especially hot water. Because too cold water will shrink pores, which is not conducive to cleaning dirt. Too hot water can cause excessive expansion of blood vessels, wash away oil, damage the protective film of the face, and accelerate

3. Using toner, secondary cleaning is very important

After washing your face, use a soft dry towel or tissue paper to absorb the moisture on your face by pressing. In order to ensure that there is no residue of facial cleanser, it is necessary to use toner for secondary cleaning, which helps to restore the pH of facial skin and regulate the colloidal layer to help better absorb the care products.

First of all, it is advisable to wet the cotton pad with an appropriate amount of toner and gently smear it on the cleaned face and neck, which will not only cause waste, but also be more hygienic. Finally, gently pat your hands on your face to help your skin absorb it better.

4. Use of day cream or night cream

Choose a moisturizer that suits you, and then tap or apply it from top to bottom.

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