4 tips for relaxing skin care and whitening in spring what are the methods for skin care and whitening in spring

Becoming a snow white is a dream in every MM’s heart, because she is a beautiful woman who is loved by everyone and blossoms at the sight of flowers. She not only has a pure and kind heart, but also has a perfect white and tender face, which makes everyone who has seen her beautiful admire her. In fact, this should not only be a dream in the hearts of mm. As long as you spare 10 minutes every day to interact with your face, you can make yourself glow in the spring of recovery of everything, and even open a new year of peach blossom for yourself. Let’s follow Xiaobian to learn the methods of skin care and whitening in spring, so that we can easily have white and tender skin in 10 points.

Tip1 wash your face alternately with hot and cold water, which can clean and shrink pores.

Cold water has a tightening and astringent effect on the skin and can exercise the skin. Warm water can relieve pain and dilate capillaries. Alternating hot and cold water washing can not only clean the skin, but also expand and contract the skin through the change of heat, increase the absorption capacity of the skin, promote blood circulation, and achieve the effect of beauty and skin care, but the temperature difference between water should not be too large!

Tip2 apply cucumber slices for a few minutes before going to bed.

Cucumber beauty is a well-known thing, because it has a high water content, which is the highest among fruits and vegetables. The cucumber enzyme rich in cucumber can promote the metabolism of the body, promote blood circulation, expand skin capillaries, and increase the redox effect of the skin. In addition, vitamin C in cucumber also has a strong whitening effect, so cucumber is a natural beauty food.

TIP3 drink more water without staying up late, eat less fried food, and keep your skin clean.

Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated, so as to avoid water shortage and rough skin. Staying up late is the natural enemy of girls’ skin. If you want to have a good skin, try to sleep before 10 o’clock, because the skin also needs to breathe! Eating too much fried food is easy to get angry, there is too much heat in the body, and the skin is prone to acne. Keeping the skin clean is a long-term and arduous problem.

Tip4 apply lotion to your face for a few minutes before going to bed, and adhere to it three times a week.

Makeup water is a kind of cosmetics that extracts the essence of skin care plants. It is applied to the skin to clean the skin, maintain the health of the skin, and play an important role in moisturizing and whitening the skin. It also has the function of balancing and calming skin, and is indispensable to women’s skin. Adhere to it three times a week, and the effect is similar to that of the whitening facial mask!

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