Listen to happy music and see the colors turn bright

A good voice can brighten people’s mood and make your world brighter. Psychologists from kingsmith college, University of London, found that listening to happy songs makes people see brighter colors than they actually are

The researchers conducted three experiments. In the first experiment, 20 participants looked at a gray square for one second, and then the researchers randomly played a 17 second piece of music to each of them, after which the participants were required to evaluate the music. Then look at the second gray square (the color is the same as that seen before). The results showed that people who rated music as pleasant had brighter colors than others.

In the second trial, another 20 participants repeated the above-mentioned trial process, but there was no need to evaluate after listening to music. And the result is the same as the first group. In the last experiment, another 20 adults were asked to look at a set of gray scale scales, which ranged in brightness from 1 (completely black) to 100 (completely white). Then, they listened to various styles of music and rated the brightness of another gray square. The results show that people who listen to positive and cheerful music will think that the color brightness of the square is higher than the actual brightness on the original scale studies believe that brightness is a symbol of happiness, and concerts have a subtle impact on it ; Therefore, music can be used as an effective emotional tool to affect people’s judgment of brightness, that is, when they are in a good mood, they will see a brighter world.

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