Fully decipher the ambiguous words of men

Men seldom talk about emotional matters. They regard conversation as a means to do things well. While women are full of emotional expression when talking, and pay attention to the relationship between the two sides, and even pay attention to every detail of the conversation process. Only by learning to decipher these ambiguous words and not being disturbed by those complex signals can we see their inner world clearly.

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“I’m so busy working these days!”

decipher: baby, stand aside. It’s not your turn yet.

to know him better, you should:

If a man is crazy about you and cares about your relationship, he will never use work as an excuse. He will always call. No matter how busy you are, there is always time to make a phone call. The man who repeats this sentence over and over does not necessarily send you a signal to stop the dating game, but may be hesitant about whether your relationship has entered a substantive stage. It can be seen that you are not the best choice in his mind.

“I need my own space.”

interpretation: please leave me alone.

to know him better, you should:

This sentence is a bit like a eviction order, and also a bit like an ultimatum… There are all kinds of possibilities. Most sensitive women usually understand it as “get out of here!” But in fact, his desire to be alone is his way of thinking rationally about himself, and I hope you can actively cooperate with him.

Of course, this sentence may also indicate that he is considering leaving you, but he is not very sure of his own idea, and still thinks, “do I really want to leave her?” Or I can’t bear to hurt you. After all, I still have a difficult feeling to part with.

“I hate women who play tricks.”

deciphering : I just set a trap for you to drill in to see if you are honest.

to know him better, you should:

This mantra sounds simple, straightforward, and even sweet, but it is actually a trick used by Playboys to get a woman’s real idea of the current situation of their relationship. They hide their true feelings and use this trick to maintain their “tall” image. Verbally admit that you hate playing tricks and secretly ask your true feelings.

“I’ll call you”

interpretation: it’s time for us to end this conversation, but maybe someday I’ll be interested in calling you.

to know him better, you should:

Friends of the little universe have different versions of this sentence. Therefore, it is concluded that these words can be interpreted as any meaning. Maybe women will wonder: if a man has no intention of you at all, why should he lie and ask for your phone number? The results of “deciphering” show that this is the best way for a man to end a conversation. In this way, they can slip away with gentlemanly demeanor.

Therefore, the next time they hear these words, women just adjust their expectations to “0”.

In fact, men and women are the same. They are used to hiding their thoughts and desires. The positioning of social roles and various external pressures make men’s ability to hide this far stronger than women’s.

However, women like to guess what is on men’s minds and want to know what is on their minds? Or what do they want to do? Especially those men’s beauties, lovers and wives always try their best to guess. Who knows, this often causes men’s rebellious psychology, making them want to hide everything more.

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