How to whiten and sunscreen to be a snow beauty? How to whiten and sunscreen and be a snow beauty

It is only in hot summer that we need whitening and sunscreen, so the old concept of skin care has long been out of date. How can we have snow white skin? It is also urgent to prevent sunscreen in winter. Today’s skincare experts recommend several methods for whitening and sunscreen in winter, and teach you how to refresh your beauty in a short time!

Winter whitening and sunscreen method 1: choose professional sunscreen products

Even if you want to protect skin and sunscreen, you must choose professional sunscreen products. The sunscreen products to be used in summer and winter are different. In summer, it is mainly waterproof and refreshing. In winter, you need to choose sunscreen products with moisturizing and moisturizing effects, and those with antifreezing function are better. This can reduce the occurrence of skin frostbite.

Winter whitening and sunscreen method II: selection of sunscreen product index

Every sunscreen has its own sun protection index, but in winter, it is not necessary to blindly pursue the higher the sun protection index, the better, because the higher the sun protection index, the more additives in the sunscreen, so in winter, it is generally only necessary to choose spf8-15, which does not need to put too much pressure on your skin.

Winter whitening and sunscreen method 3: other products are required to play an auxiliary role

Winter sun protection is a very important thing, but sometimes the effect of just relying on a simple sunscreen will appear weak. If you add some other products to strengthen the effect of sun protection and whitening, it will become more perfect. In winter, mm can choose moisturizing cream, isolation cream or some products with moisturizing, moisturizing and whitening functions together with sunscreen, so that the skin can be sun protected and also be tender and white.

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