Is exercise after meals easy to get appendicitis? No basis!

Now people are under great work pressure and have a fast pace of life. In the morning, they are bleary eyed and crowded in the subway. In the evening, they have to participate in various social gatherings. They can only take advantage of their lunch break to exercise. Because the lunch break is short, many people play ball, swim and run after lunch, which may affect their health over time, especially their gastrointestinal tract.

exercise after meals is the most “torture” to the gastrointestinal tract

the parasympathetic nerves innervating the stomach are excited after meals. At this time, most of the blood is concentrated in the stomach and liver if you take part in vigorous exercise immediately after dinner, the blood participating in stomach digestion will be redistributed and flow to muscles and other organs, which will affect digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract, and even cause chronic stomach diseases. During exercise, the sympathetic nerve is excited and the adrenaline secretion is greatly increased, which also weakens the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract. If food is not fully digested, it enters the intestine, which is unfavorable for further digestion and absorption. Taking part in vigorous exercise immediately after meals may also cause abdominal pain and discomfort due to gastrointestinal vibration and mesenteric involvement. The stomach, which stores a large amount of food, is constantly bumping, pulling the ligaments that fix the stomach. In the long run, it will become loose, leading to gastroptosis.

in addition to having enough to eat can cause abdominal pain during exercise, inadequate preparation can also cause abdominal pain when the human body quickly changes from a quiet state to an active state, the gastrointestinal tract will be vibrated due to running and jumping, and the intestinal peristalsis will also change, resulting in the accumulation of digested food and residues in the ileum, causing “bifurcated Qi”. In addition, sometimes the blood circulation of internal organs is not smooth, causing congestion in the liver or spleen, which also causes abdominal pain. However, at this time, most of the pain occurs in the lower left and right ribs.

“exercise after meals is easy to cause appendicitis” is groundless

There is a folk saying that it is easy to get acute appendicitis if you exercise immediately after dinner. But from a medical point of view, this statement lacks scientific basis.

acute appendicitis is an acute abdomen Why do people get acute appendicitis? The cause is appendiceal obstruction and bacterial infection. The human appendix is located at the end of the cecum. It is thin and long, like a dead end. Therefore, it is easy to be blocked by fecal lumps, Ascaris lumbricoides, parasitic eggs, etc., causing bacterial infection and inflammation. Some people do not necessarily have obstruction of the appendix cavity. Bacteria invade from the damaged part of the intestinal mucosa, or invade the appendix through blood during systemic infection (such as respiratory tract infection) to cause inflammation. In addition to the above reasons, when the gastrointestinal function is disordered, appendiceal cavity obstruction and secondary bacterial infection can also occur through nerve reflex. The causes of acute appendicitis are quite complex, and there is no clear relationship between exercise immediately after meals and this disease. After eating food, it takes us 6 to 8 hours to reach the appendix. Therefore, it is unreasonable to say that exercise after meals will cause food to fall into the appendix and cause appendicitis.

Some people’s abdominal pain after exercise after meals is not caused by appendicitis, but by the fact that the gastrointestinal tract is full of food after meals, and the movement range is large during exercise. Under the action of gravity, the mesentery is pulled.

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