If you ride after drinking, you will be fined 200000 yuan. Don’t do this after drinking

According to Yonhap, more than 1000 traffic accidents involving bicycles occur in South Korea every year. In order to curb the rising trend of accidents, the government will impose a fine of up to 200000 won (about 1000 yuan) or detention on drunk cyclists. It is well known that driving a motor vehicle after drinking will be severely punished, but the provisions on heavy penalties for riding a bicycle after drinking are really severe.

When eating out, many people can’t avoid drinking a few cups to cheer up. Once they drink too much, it is inevitable that some behaviors beyond their control will appear after drinking. Therefore, the rule of not riding a bike after drinking is also very reasonable. However, in addition to not riding after drinking, there are many behaviors that can not be done at will after drinking.

1. Don’t go to bed immediately after drinking

Alcohol is decomposed by the liver. If you go to sleep immediately, the metabolism of the human body will become slow, which is very harmful to the health of the liver and easy to get alcoholic liver. If you drink too much, don’t let it go to sleep. If you have severe alcoholism, your life may be in danger. In this case, your family should accompany you, wake up the drunk every two hours, and feed some boiled water or honey water until you completely sober up.

2. Don’t take sobering drugs after drinking

Sobering drugs can help people get rid of the symptoms of drunkenness temporarily, but in fact they will prolong the time of drunkenness. After drinking, it is recommended to drink a lot of water. In addition, you can also drink sports drinks, supplement electrolytes, drink orange juice with low acidity, supplement vitamin C, and maintain a stable blood sugar level.

3. Don’t sleep on the electric blanket after drinking

When drinking too much, the temperature regulation function is dysfunctional, the heat loss increases, and it is easy to make people feel cold all over. At this time, you should keep warm, but don’t sleep on an electric blanket, especially for people with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. After drinking, the heart rate and metabolism will accelerate, and the blood pressure will rise, which is easy to induce myocardial infarction, angina pectoris and other diseases. If you feel cold, you can use a duvet or a hot water bag to keep warm and drink more hot water.

4. Don’t drink a lot of coffee, strong tea and soft drinks after drinking

Drinking and coffee can easily aggravate water shortage, and don’t drink strong tea. Tea makes the heart too excited, and drinking tea at this time is also harmful to the kidney. At the same time, don’t drink soft drinks, otherwise it will accelerate the absorption of alcohol by the human body and induce acute gastritis.

5. Don’t take antipyretic drugs after drinking

In particular, you should not take antipyretic drugs after drinking. Otherwise, hydroxyphenylacetamide will react with alcohol to produce toxic substances, leading to liver inflammation and even permanent damage. In addition, “pioneer” and other cephalosporin antibiotics, hypoglycemic drugs, antihypertensive drugs and so on are best not to eat.

6. Don’t take a bath immediately after drinking

Neither cold water nor hot water is suitable. Taking a hot bath or sauna can easily cause hot gas to accumulate in the human body without being emitted, aggravate drunkenness, and lead to malignant vomiting or even fainting. Taking a cold bath can not only sober up, but also make the liver too late to replenish the glucose consumed in the blood. In addition, cold water stimulates blood vessels to contract, which may lead to blood vessel rupture and colds.

7. Don’t exercise after drinking

Alcohol has a diuretic effect. After drinking, the body loses more water and is prone to dehydration. At this time, exercise will aggravate the risk of dehydration. Swimming after drinking is more dangerous, which will suddenly accelerate the body’s heat dissipation, cause dizziness, hypoglycemic syncope, leg cramps, etc.

for the discomfort after drinking, you can try three ways to alleviate it:

acupoint method:

Villagers who often drink alcohol know that hangover is a very painful thing. Obviously, it was the wine they drank last night. The next day, they still have headache, nausea and abdominal pain. Zhongli Ba people say that at this time, the most effective way is to rub Zusanli acupoints with your thumb. The way to find Zusanli is to cover the palm on the knee, and the position of the tip of the middle finger is Zusanli.

If the intestines and stomach feel wriggly when you press Zusanli, it means that the wine has reached the small intestine. At this time, you can press and knead the giant acupoints (four horizontal fingers down from Zusanli and three horizontal fingers again). Usually, symptoms can be significantly alleviated in 10 minutes.

If you feel nausea when you press it for three li, it means that the food and drink are still in your stomach. At this time, the best way is to probe your throat with your fingers to induce vomiting. After spitting out the alcohol and food in your stomach, press Zusanli and Taichong points (Taichong Point is two fingers wide from the junction of big toe and second toe to the ankle). At the same time, take Huoxiang Zhengqi pill. Usually, it can detoxify alcohol within one hour.


If you have a hot constitution, after drinking Baijiu, you can eat some cool things such as watermelon, lotus root, pear and apple to alleviate the heat of the wine.

If you have a cold constitution, you can eat some raw radishes. Wash and squeeze the juice with raw white radish, and drink it for 2 to 3 times instead of tea. It has the effect of relieving alcohol and eliminating alcohol gas.

Of course, there are many other foods that can detoxify alcohol, such as honey water – > headache after drinking; Fresh grapes – > nausea and nausea after drinking; Grapefruit – > breath after drinking; Celery juice – > gastrointestinal discomfort and blushing after drinking; Banana – > palpitation and chest tightness after drinking; Olive – > anorexia after drinking.

drug therapy:

After drinking too much cold beer, you can take several Huoxiang Zhengqi capsules to balance the cold of cold beer with the heat of Huoxiang.

Sprinkle a few drops of toilet water on a hot towel and gently wipe the chest, back, elbow and temple of the drunk, which can significantly reduce the intoxication.

It is said that vitamin C tablets and vitamin B tablets have the function of digesting and decomposing alcohol. Take 6 tablets each.

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