10 prevention and treatment measures for skin allergy

1. Special sensitive essence is selected to increase fiber tissue and improve weak skin.

2. Choose sensitive series of skin care products, such as: sensitive face cream, cell lotion cream, etc., to calm the skin.

3. It is necessary to ensure that the skin absorbs sufficient moisture and avoid skin dryness caused by heat.

4. Washing your hair often and forming the habit of washing your hair every day can prevent sensitive substances such as dust and pollen from adhering to your hair, which may cause skin allergy.

5. Keep your skin clean and wash your face frequently with cold water to enhance skin resistance.

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6. When using the same brand of cosmetics, choose cosmetics that do not contain strong fragrance, alcohol and other irritants.

7. Take more vitamins A, C and E, which are beneficial to the skin, especially for healthy skin and sensitive skin.

8. Try not to wear heavy make-up. After skin allergy, immediately stop using any cosmetics and observe and maintain the skin.

9. Avoid excessive sunlight and use special sunscreen for sensitive skin, otherwise it will cause skin burns, erythema, blackening, peeling and other allergic phenomena.

10. Life should be regular, maintain a balanced diet and adequate sleep.

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