Different parts of the face reveal Health Secrets

Beautiful faces make people happy. Unexpectedly, the face is still a barometer of the health of the body. According to the daily mail of the UK, medical researchers in the country have found that the state of different parts of the face can reveal the health of different organs of the body.

According to the analysis of researchers, human skin has physiological functions such as protection, regulation, absorption, secretion and excretion.

Under normal circumstances, the facial skin will produce excess oil during the day to protect the local area from temperature changes, dust and microorganisms, and reduce skin oxidation caused by ultraviolet rays and pollutants; At night, the skin “breathes” out some metabolites and repairs the damage. Therefore, facial skin can reveal many health Secrets:

Greasy red nose and exposed veins suggest that you may have high blood pressure, heart disease and liver disease, or drink too much.

Pale face means decreased gland function, liver congestion, liver dysfunction, or anemia.

Yellowing of the skin may be a signal of liver and spleen diseases.

Cracks at the corners of the mouth may indicate vitamin B deficiency or digestive system diseases.

My skin is extremely dry, which indicates that I may lack essential fatty acids in my diet, so I need to adjust my diet in time.

Premature skin aging is mostly caused by prolonged exposure to the sun or long-term smoking.

With regard to lip dryness, the researchers particularly pointed out that the mucosal tissue on the lips can not produce oil like the skin, and lacks the protection of melanin, so it needs more care and moisture. Depression, fatigue or lack of vitamin B can all cause dry lips. Before ovulation, when the level of estradiol in the body is the highest, women’s lips will look fuller and sexier! “People should always pay attention to the changes of their faces so as to know their health in time.”

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