Facial blemishes tell you about your health

A bad face means a problem with your body. It’s hard to have a clean and flawless face. In fact, everyone’s face will have some small flaws more or less, and these flaws that are not easy to notice show that your body may be unsatisfactory or your diet may have problems.

(1) Face:

My face is too pale, which indicates that I lack folic acid, iron and vitamin B12 in my diet.

(2) Forehead:

Acne spots on the forehead are caused by excessive toxins in the liver. We must reduce the consumption of foods with too high sugar content and avoid using too much alcohol.

(3) Temples:

Small acne near your temples shows that your diet contains too much processed food, which causes gallbladder obstruction and requires a quick body cleaning.

(4) Around eyes:

Dry and astringent eyes or cracks like dry ground indicate that you need to enhance the intake of vitamins B2 and B6.

(5) Cheek:

The cheeks of old smokers are prone to edema and clear microvascular lines. This is a sign that the skin lacks oxygen. The best way is to quit smoking!

(6) Corners of mouth:

The appearance of subtle wrinkles at the corners of your mouth indicates that you need to supplement more iron!

(7) Lips:

Winter is particularly dry and cold, and the body with dry lips, peeling and cracking tells you that you lack vitamin B groups and need to be supplemented.

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