Whitening and freckle removing facial mask homemade light spot facial mask is a woman’s beautiful magic weapon? Whitening and freckle removing facial mask: make your own light spot facial mask, which is a beautiful magic weapon for women

As the saying goes, one white covers all ugliness, and one fat destroys everything. It is the common hope of every female friend to have a clean and perfect face. However, due to ultraviolet rays, life pressure and other reasons, many women have more or less color spots on their faces, which greatly affects their beauty. So, how to whiten and lighten spots? Let’s have a look.

Homemade light spot facial mask

Yogurt oat whitening and freckle removing facial mask

Ingredients: yogurt, oatmeal.


1. Take 2 tablespoons of yogurt.

2. Take 1 tablespoon oatmeal.

3. Mix the two and apply them to the face. Wash them with warm water 20 minutes later.

Efficacy: yogurt contains hydroquin derivatives, which can decompose the aging keratinocytes of the skin, inhibit and remove pigment spots, and thus have a good cosmetic effect. Vitamin E and other active substances in yogurt and oatmeal have the effect of removing spots and whitening the skin.

Almond coffee protein facial mask

Materials: almond, coffee powder, protein.


1. Soak almonds in hot water and mash them.

2. Stir almond puree, coffee powder and protein evenly and put them into a closed bottle.

3. Before going to bed every night, evenly apply it on your face, wake up the next day, and then wash it with warm water.


Moisturize and remove wrinkles, tighten loose skin, fade black spots, and make skin white and bright.

Chinese medicine whitening and freckle removing facial mask

Materials: aconite, pearl powder, Angelica dahurica, Amitabha, goat milk.


1. Grind aconite, pearl powder, Angelica dahurica and Amitabha into powder and put them into goat milk to mix.

2. It needs to be heated for 1 hour, wait until it is in the form of facial mask cream, cool it, apply it to the face for 20 minutes, and wash it off with water.

Efficacy: mask the skin defects, beautify the face, and eliminate the dark complexion of the face.

Honey double kernel facial mask

Winter melon kernel tastes sweet and cold, can clear the lungs and remove phlegm, and also has the effect of desalinating acne marks. Walnut kernel is rich in vitamin E and vitamin B, which can delay the aging of cutin and prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays to skin. Honey double kernel facial mask can alleviate acne scars, and honey double kernel facial mask can alleviate acne. After using this facial mask for a month, acne marks will gradually fade.


1. Grind wax gourd kernel and walnut kernel into powder, the finer the better, and then add appropriate amount of honey to mix and stir

2. After cleaning the face, apply the facial mask on the face and wash it with clean water 15 minutes later.

Attention: twice a week, pay attention to facial sunscreen during acne alleviation.

Ginger light spot facial mask

Because the ingredients in ginger can stimulate blood circulation, have the function of activating blood, and accelerate skin recovery.

The little trick of applying ginger to your face can indeed remove acne spots, which can make acne marks move again under the stimulation of ginger, so as to achieve the effect of removing acne spots.


1. Cut the ginger into small pieces and apply it to the acne marks,

2. Then press the ginger slices with your hands for 1 minute

3. After about 5-10 minutes, you feel local heat, and then take it off if you feel hot in a few minutes.

Note: as ginger is more irritating, ginger pox marks can be treated once a week.

Potato whitening and light spot facial mask

Potatoes are rich in vitamins, which can promote the growth of skin cells, maintain skin luster, bleach subcutaneous melanin, and prevent dermatitis. Therefore, they can not only whiten and rejuvenate the skin, but also reduce summer sunburn


1. Take two or three good potatoes with full heads and no buds, wash and peel them.

2. Cut into pieces and put them into a juicer to squeeze the juice. Put the juice into a clean container.

3. Pour 1 / 3 cup of fresh milk into the container and mix in flour to make a paste, which can be used as a facial mask.

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