Just lick your dry lips? Have you done it

In cold winter, people’s skin is easy to dry and peel, especially their lips. Their lips are dry and cracked. Many people habitually lick their lips, but they don’t know that the more they lick, the more dry they become. One carelessness will cause cheilitis. Here comes the question: what should we do if our lips are dry and cracked in winter?

Why do lips dry and desquamate

Lips are mainly composed of skin, orbicularis oris muscle, loose connective tissue and other parts. The outermost layer of lips is made of collagen, which refers to the protein supporting soft tissue and mainly exists in the form of insoluble fibrin. However, collagen is also a very fragile thing. Changes in the outside world will accelerate the aging of the lips, causing them to peel and dry. In addition, when you lick your lips with your tongue, the moisture will evaporate, and when it evaporates, it will take away the moisture that is already tense on your lips, making your lips feel more dry. Then there is a vicious cycle of drying and licking, which makes the skin at the corners of the mouth rough.

what should I do if my lips are dry and cracked

1. Regulate diet

Supplementing vitamins and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables can effectively alleviate dry lips. Avoid eating spicy food. In this season, eating too much spicy food will irritate the lips and worsen dryness.

2. Drink more water

If your lips are dry and cracked, you should first drink more water and keep the humidity in the environment. In addition, you can take 10g of Ophiopogon japonicus and 10g of asparagus japonicus into a cup, cover it with 300ml of boiling water, brew it for about 10 to 15 minutes, and drink it, which is good for the lips.

3. Don’t tear the skin off your lips.

The lips are dry and peeled. Don’t tear the skin off with your hands, as it may tear the lips. You can apply it with a hot towel for 3-5 minutes, then brush off the dead skin on your lips with a soft brush, and then apply a protective lipstick.

4. Use lipstick correctly

Lipstick should be used before going out, applying lipstick and going to bed. It should contain vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E and have good moisturizing and repairing functions. Then gently press the lips with soft tissue paper to achieve double effect.

5. Do a good job of protection when going out

Use lipstick before going out and going to bed. Wear a mask when going out to minimize the irritation of the wind, sun and sun to your lips.

6. Lips are dry, cracked and peeled. Sleep should be supplemented.

Lack of sleep will cause dryness and heat in the body. Therefore, supplementing high-quality sleep is of great help to the rehabilitation of lips.

7. If your lips are dry, cracked or peeled, you can seek the help of a doctor.

If the situation is serious, it may be that you have cheilitis. At this time, you should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment so as not to aggravate the condition.

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