What’s the best way to whiten and moisturize lips? There are ways to whiten and moisturize lips

“Lip whitening” means to restore the lips to the pink and transparent state of children, not to make the lips pale and bloodless. In autumn and winter, we should always pay attention to the whitening and moisturizing work of the lips! External causes of lip pigmentation: long-term use of lipstick, neglect of lip makeup removal, untimely exfoliation, long-term non use of lipstick, neglect of lip sunscreen, etc; Internal causes: insufficient oxygen content in the blood, poor blood circulation in the lips, etc. Xiaobian’s suggestion: do a good job of lip sunscreen every day; Pay attention to lip makeup removal and buy makeup removal products specifically for lips; Apply a thick layer of protective lipstick before using lipstick. This can avoid the deposition of lip pigment. Lip whitening care lip care 1: the skin of sunscreen lips has no pigment protection, and the color is darker than that of other parts of the skin, so it is easiest to absorb ultraviolet rays. Therefore, no matter what season, you should choose lipstick with sunscreen ingredients. Lip care 2: lip makeup remover lip makeup remover steps: 1. Press the lips with facial paper to absorb the oil in lipstick. 2. Put two cotton pads dipped with makeup remover on top of each other and gently apply them to your lips to make your lips stretch with a smile. 3. Remove it vertically from the periphery to the center of the lip. Do not rub it back and forth. 4. Open the corners of your mouth, fold the cotton pieces in half, and clean up the residual makeup that is easy to be left. Lip care 3: choose lipstick correctly. Use suitable lipstick to care for your lips. Inappropriate lipstick will directly harm your lips, such as dryness

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